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  1. I had two credit card from cap one and citi card,right after i lost my job and went into a hardship payment plan,got myself back a job and set about paying the debts paid,Firstly asked cap one for settlement figure owed £1000 paid £800.citi card would not give me a sttlement figure owed them £1200 but paid them £800 anyway,Here's the problem on getting a credit report cap one have said settled but partial payment plus a default,citi card have also put a default on my report,I cant get credit probaly due to these two debts,If i paid the rest to cap one and the balance to citi card would lenders look favourably with the debt settled but the defaults still on?, trying hard to clean up my credit rating Thanks
  2. Is there a number i can phone or an address i can write to within citfinancial about removing a default from my credit file the debt was paid 2 years ago but unknown to me a default was placed,Is it possibble do you think to get it removed by them
  3. Handing my car back under the terms of hp i.e paid more than half,Phoned blue motor on Friday was told to put it in writing, Sent recorded delivery,They will get that letter on Monday any body had dealings with blue motor handing vehicles back,how long it normally takes for the process to comlpete or any problems,Thank
  4. Hi new to site ,can anybody tell me if there is a letter format for handing back car under the hire purchase agreement i've paid more than half,but not sure as to word it,my garage won,t tell me as it against financial rules? Cheers
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