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  1. Hi i was at set aside hearing on 4th August with Westcott. This hearing went against me, and the costs to pay were £105. i am reapplying for application for set aside as i have sent off a CCA request two weeks ago and they havent sent that, and I have a Subject access request in to them too, even though they asked me to fill in a form. They have about 35 days to respond with that. I am going to send them the letter on here for when i have not received a CCA request ( anyone provide link pleas) and my main defence is going to be this CCA and possible Data protection issue, and legali
  2. Sorry Martin was on phone access yes she said the fact it sent to last address good enough it served
  3. So do I Reapply for set aside or contest this as Wescott not supplied cca info to me and conviently sent it back today asking me to fill in form, which isn't necessary as we know... And this prejudice my defence
  4. Well Wescott asked for costs if the judgement was against . And there agent asked for 105gbp for costs and Judge said payment of that by 25 August
  5. We I attended court and Westcott had agent there. Judge went in favour of Westcott and there printed records. Their agent stated before they had not had my cca request and payment this was before hearing, I produced the payment from postoffice and recorded details. She said oh have you not received it back as you need to fill in a form. That is rubbish my letter off here is enough. Judge said as they only got this on 30th wouldn't give them enough time to reply, but a cca should be able to he sent out very quickly if they got it. I mentioned the subject access request, and she said seems to r
  6. sorry hearing is 4th August (today)not 10th
  7. yes sorry wrong day today 4th august is day
  8. i know thanks had a load of stuff rl going on, course, works comittments and mariage issues
  9. because i was paying them i think 10 per month, my bank account got closed down and i was in spain 3 years. but they only provided those paymentson word print out nothing oficial
  10. In Court Today With Westcott I Attach There Witnes Statement. I Originally Said That No Knowdlege Of It, Letter Sent Before Court Case., No Reply. And That Of Statute As 2002 With Hfc. Westcott Have Doubled Debt To 3400 With 1600 Interest. I Have Sent Cca Request And Subject Access Request, As They Say They Looked At Records, But Al They Listed Payments As Is A Word Print Out. Questions I Have Is If Westcott Not Got Ca Tru Copy Is Case Gone. And Is It Legal For Them To Take Over From Hfc As I In Agreement With In 2002. Does This Mean It Statue. Westcott Say I Make Payment 2006
  11. So do i ask to see the alleged eveidence they got, i think I have seen a letter with this one. I need evidence or lack of it for court
  12. I am doing that now thanks Keep you posted
  13. Hi, I have had two phone calls that is missed from Lowell which i missed and a letter from them saying that i owe money to a Capital one account. I am after advice, as i cant recall this alleged debt i was going to send them the i dont know about this debt letter recorded and await response. You think this is best course of action.
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