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  1. No I haven't acknowledged the debt yet. However, it appears that the next step is to take me to court for non-payment, so I will have to turn up to that which I guess is an acknowledgement of the debt? I am in the meantime going doe the FOS complaint route, so that when it gets to court they will postpone any action as advised on this forum
  2. Sooo ... I have a hefty bill after Capstone/SPML repossessed my property in 2008 (at which time sadly I had no knowledge of this forum or things may have been different!). I had no contact since the repossession in 2008, now I have received 2 letter from Capstone and 1 from Copes solicitors (which is a formal notice of intent to issue legal proceedings). We are talking about an outstanding balance of £67,000. Over 50% of this is fees, plus the house was sold well below market value (Zoopla estimates it to be worth £234k and it was sold for £165k). Having read through a lot of the posts,
  3. Hi all, Having read through hundreds of posts, I thought I'd post myself and see if you wonderful people can help with a bit of advice. I did indeed sign up for an SPML/Capstone mortgage in 2006. In 2008, when I came off fixed rate, I couldn't afford the mortgage anymore and was repossessed. I agree that these companies did nothing to help, were totally ruthless and charged me over the odds wherever they could. However, I admit that probably as I signed up for the thing in the first place with the appalling t's and c's, I am partly to blame. However, since being evicted (Possess
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