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  1. I am not standing up for Mr Moat, you should never hit yor wife or children it a line never to be crossed. I was mearly pointing out that it probably stems from his childhood, show me a child before he is 7 and I will show you the man, or something very similar to that. The tornado should have been in Afganistan where our soldiers are dying quite right, and we have lost so many, and owe them so much. My father was in bomber command WW2, they had proportionately more losses then all other services, and after he died we donated all his RAF memorabilia to the RAF museum in Hendon. We should all be grateful to the military
  2. I thought this whole story was really quiite sad, and Martin was right happens to many people but without the guns. The whole media circus was sickening. But Mr Moat was right next to the village, did not kill anyone, took his revenge on who he felt had wronged him You should not kill people but sometimes people never stand a chance with their upbringing, his abuser as a child is probably walking free, guilty of where it all started from, This manhunt was like a lynch mob with willing people ready for their 15 minutes of fame on TV. 14 police forces? a tornado? The guy probably just had enough. Hit by a tazer and screaming as the police jumped on him It is a story of our times
  3. Hi everyone, Thank you for the explanations regarding the rules. All this information is so useful. Mick thank you for your last post. The probelm I have is that the dpa and subject access applies to people that are alive, my understanding is thats its up to the discretion of organisations. Does anyone have any suggestions for me on this. My husband had applied for an appeal and I have sent the letter to continue with this so I also need as much advice as possible regarding this. But a really big thankyou to evryone who has advised or just given their support. i am so grateful.
  4. Hi Stupot, I agree with lone ranger about pc, over 60 they must treat you the same as a woman born the same day as you. With the lost years of ni when you were overseas remember now for a full state pension its only 30 years men and women. so get a forcast from the pensions office. Also your savings and lump sum from early retirement you will have to declare that, not sure what it is for pc. If at 65 when you get state pension plus other pensions if above the 130 you will be out of pc, sorry cant advise on LHB. I have a small occupational pension, will be better off when my state pension comes in.
  5. Ozzman, I am very sorry for you I find anything to do with personal information and the way its misused really annoying. Its probably because it was a big part of my job for 25 years. Firstly your anon call, how awful. I have just moved back to the marital home after my hsband died in tragic circumstances, we were separated but still cared, I told the neighbours I was thinking of boarding it up and moving abroad, that scared them and made them worry about their misable property prices. Data rptection rules apply to all organisations DWP debt collectors and icludes all information including filed paperwork not on computer systems. Find out who this is and demand subject access within 28 days. Experian hold masses of info, but if you look at your own file it will tell you who has made applications to experian for information. ie a search by orange for mobile phone contract etc. Me I am proceeding well with my quest for justice on behalf of my late husband.
  6. Thankyou so much everyone, i have a lot of research to do, this forum is very very good,
  7. Thankyou thankyou for all your replies. Please send me as much as possible. 2 things, I never saw the letter to GP, it was on the GPs system but my son did. that is the one letter we are missing, but DWP themselves in their letter telling my husband his benefit was suspended said 'we have written to your GP informing him not to issue any more medical certificates' havent got exact words to hand, but it was more or less this Also if my husand and i had divorced then he would have been entitled to a bigger slice of marital home because i have a pension. Because of that i believe he never got what he was entitled to and i am very happy to pay anything to get justice fo him. I am very angry of this cruel system. So in my mind there is no debate, I want to make them squirm like they made him Once again thanks for all your support and please keep it coming XX
  8. Thank you martin, My late husband was 3 months from being eligable for pension credit. He had depression for which he was certificated by his GP and a heart condition. He started claiming ESA in Feb 09. During that period he was assessed by Atos who scored him at 0 points He appealed and this was reviewed and upheld. He did not do the next appeal he died before then. i have the paerwork and reasons for decisions. He lived in the marital home, I was paying mortgage, insurances and utility bills by direct debit. the DWP continually did not pay him his ESA which impacted on council rates (which i was not paying) Worst of all he was hounded by DWP to go back to work, he had not worked for over 30 years as we had swapped roles, he therefore took the traditional now outdated womens role and stayed at home. This agreement worked quite well for us. We did not claim benefits as I paid for everything. With just 3 months left, I kept expaining to him everything would be ok as soon as he was on pension credit as he would have to be treated the same as a women born on the same day. I tried as best I could from australia, but he never told me how bad things really were DWP wrote to GP told him to stop issuing medical certificates my question is WHY! He would only need 1 more before reaching 60. I believe a stay at home woman of the same age would have been treated differently, realising the short time involved, and the pension service itself says it treats men and women the same. Anyway despite having needing treatment for a earlier attemp in 2009 to kill himself, he was so worried and put through so much trouble that he did kill himself in early December. He was not a paperwork person as told to DWP, I dont think he stood a chance of understanding the rules i believe they did not look at the whole picture, continually did not pay him, hounded him to start work ignored medical evidence, told him they were not paying him anymore, suspended his benefit, did not ask Atos for him to have an assessment for mental illness, there is more still. I belive DWP and Atos are guilty of corporate manslaughter. Thank you, hope for some ideas, I have only just emerged from the duvet I have laid under for six months, and i have not stopped crying yet.
  9. Can anyone out there suggest a good solicitor so I can persue a criminal or civil prosecution against both Atos Healthcare and DWP. My late husband died just before Christmas, although we were not together we were still legally married and still cared for each others welfare. I was in Australia when he died and returned immediately to sort this out. I have been through his paper work and firmly believe the DWP were negligent, Cruel, Inept and he also suffered discrimination. I have a small occupational pension and am not on benefits myself, so they cannot threaten me with fear. My late husband was only on ESA for a few months, and had not claimed any benefit for over 30 years. i would like a criminal case if possible, Civil if I have to. I cant find any records of court cases on the web. I would be really grateful for all suggestions Thank you in advance
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