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  1. I understand that, but paying off charges etc that payday lenders charge is much tougher than taking one big loan and setting them all at once. Plus I have designs for the rest of the loan that I would be taking. It's just much safer than continually incurring charges/defaults/rollovers to sort things out. To reiterate, does anyone know any dependable unsecured loan companies for people with poor/fair credit?
  2. Hey folks, Right, I'll try and keep this a bit brief. My rating is a bit shot thanks to some youthful indiscretions and I really wanna get myself back on an even keel. I am currently having issues with some payday lenders, but thanks to the advice on here, it's well in hand. However, that doesn't stop me wanting to really put things right again and just in one place. Basically, I'm looking for bad credit unsecured/tenant lenders for £3000 over 3 years, hopefully averaging out at £125-150 a month in repayments, well within my scope of finance, even if I ended up jobless. My debts aren't quite as high as £3k but I want some left over so I can move in with my partner and with only one debt, with a very affordable repayment. I'm in full-time employment and only been there 3 months though, but they have just sorted my contract and I'm earning about £1k take home right now. I have other plans for earning more, but neither here nor there atm. Anyways, I wasn't sure where to post this as I didn't see an unsecured loans board, so feel free to move this. Any help would be grandly appreciated. Thanks
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