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  1. Hi Jen I used an address of a property I own in England, however you could use address of a friend or relative. The UK mainland address is only for the purpose of serving papers to. Hope this helps Also, dont accept their first offer, they WILL pay in full, but beware A & L (not Halifax) will close your account a few weeks later, so have another account ready to rock and roll !!
  2. SETTLED IN FULL !!!!! Cheque in the post this morning !!!! MODS PLEASE UPDATE THREAD AS WON !!!!
  3. yes in total from first letter. Stick by the timescales, issue your letters bang on 14 days irrevellant of what communication you get from bank. Its simple !
  4. Honey28 I lodged mine with laganside first but they told me to lodge in UK if i could as NI small claims limit is £2k. I have a property in UK, as you need a UK address for moneyclaim, so used moneyclaim like everyone else on this site and it worked a treat!
  5. I have a mortgage with Halifax and several account. Just managed to get £2700 from them today for charges over last 6 years on a current account !! GO FOR IT
  6. Brad go for it, its easy, just follow the step by step guide. I have £1700 with Alliance and Leicester to come this week !!!!!!
  7. Great, survey and donation made A & L should be paying out this week also !!!
  8. Fantastic How do i change the title of my thread to refect I have won? Donation on way ..
  9. Well Just checked my account and GUESS WHAT There are two credits in cash today, totalling the £2700 I claimed !!!!! So it looks like I have won !!!! Will await some form of paperwork from Halifax, I have whipped the cash out of the current account and elsewhere !! Thanks All
  10. Just recieved the Acknowledgement from moneyclaim today, halifax intend to defend the claim. Is this normal?
  11. Halifax now have acknowledged claim fingers crosseed !!
  12. Hi All Just completed my claim against A & L today for £1600.00 will keep you all posted !
  13. Quick update folks Small Claims Process started, the limit for small claims here in Northern Ireland is £2k plus costs and interest, so claimed £2k plus court costs and interest. Will keep you advised !!!
  14. Thanks Michael For the sake of a few days I will wait until 29th then issue the claim Cheers
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