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  1. Some of the Supermarkets support slavery too by employing the unemployed to work for nothing! I thought we abolished slavery way in our past!!!?
  2. It is also a positive thing to support local small business butchers rather than greedy multi-million pound corporations too.
  3. MUChok, Agreed and look at the Horse meat Supermarket stories coming out now. Best stayed away from as much as possible.
  4. I am on a healthy fish diet at the min and often buy my fish from our local fish market. Oysters are full of Iron which I love. Not so cheap sadly but better than buying iron tablets I suppose. Please pass this tip on to family and friends as fish/meat markets have plenty of bargains... and don't be shy,. just ask for the cheapest deal and they will be happy to help you find it.
  5. If you have a City Centre Meat Market in your area, (We have an indoor market called the fish market but it sells all sorts of meet and dairy too) go into yours and you will see mainly old aged customers, these old aged customers are there to save cash as they have to, poor buggers! I buy bacon and ham from my indoor meet market and both are cheapper and you get lots more for the approx same prices as in supermarkets. It is usually food from a local farmer which has far less or none of the usual crap that supermarkets put into your food. Its a great place for bargain meet fish and d
  6. Yeah I make the paper logs with the contraption too. for best results get a local business to suply you with their shreded office paper. Soak it in a large tub overnight or two nights, I use a household dustbin, then take handfulls out squeazing lots of water out before putting into the contraption, this makes um more thicker and slightly less harder to dry. Best to make um in the summer to stock up for winter, you can then dry them in your garden out in the sun and leave um in a shed overnight to fend from any summer rain. For ultra best result, mix slack with the shreaded paper an
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