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  1. what 7 day notice? all i got was a new medical as they claimed it was client miss match :s rather than me note taking
  2. thansk i already am on there and there is about30 different ppl so could be anyone :S atm I'm living off crisis loans HB, they wont pay me till i've had my medical assessment :S
  3. quick question, how do i find out if a nurse is registered etc?
  4. hiya, I still have my notes and i wrote down her full name I will be doing a check on the so called nurse too. I also posted about this in my forum over at Ripped off by Gov.Org.UK and I will be telling the radio 4 bloke about this when he contacts me for a chat
  5. Ok so today I go for my dwp assessment ran by atoss. I get introduced by a nurse then I start writing down her full name... then the issue starts... about taking notes... She said that she didn't like my attitude and I ask for what? taking notes? and she said that she could terminate this interview at any time, I told her that it was her perogative love.. she said snapply dont call me love... After asking 2-3 questions she says she's still not happy with my note taking and goes to seek advice from higher ups. I can hear her in the next room making the phone call and
  6. already signed it I hope other people sign it too! Theres a link to the petition on my website too mate
  7. fit notes are a joke and should never have been implemented the way it was. ESA is also a joke too, people who need support to get back into work don't get the support and just end up dumped on JSA just so the government can look good with its stats :S Honestly they really need to fix the welfare system and the way everything the government does tbh, bureaucracy has screwed up the way the system works so much and the red tape there is like a net to make sure that u have to fight your way through a jungle of it just to get anywhere :S
  8. dude the doc is there to serve u. just keep getting sicknotes and if need be just ask for a 2 month sicknote
  9. just tell them that u have an appeal in and they should pay u anyways
  10. have you appealed the medical? if so then they will claim overpayment from the day u failed the medical, but if you have appealed they will pay you the assessment rate untill you have seen a tribuneral
  11. dont worry mate I havent been paid in 4 weeks of my new claim for esa. All you have to do is keep phoning them and badgering about this till they pay u
  12. u might as well get dla mate, and just relax if they tell u ur not entilted to it just ignore them and appeal the atoss farce
  13. its cool mate pf gave me a youtube link gonna download it and put it back to gether in 1 part and then put it on the website
  14. nice 1 thanks! I'll download it and fix it back to 1 part and put it on the site
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