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You can now change your notification sounds by going to this link https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/index.php?/&app=soundboard&module=soundboard&controller=managesounds


You can find a library of free notification sounds in several places on the Internet. Here's one which has a very large selection https://notificationsounds.com/notification-sounds



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  1. ok so, need some reassurance! - In court bundle i need to include the copies of statements with charges cos im guessing putting the whole lot in is a waste of time/paper/etc Also, whats the general opinion if u need your court bundle in and the bank settle say 3 days before? Having read the latest on banks not paying up im guessin its best to send in the bundles anyway and plow on as usual?
  2. Thanks for the tip dar3n, im tempted to do same but bit concerned, basically account in question is not mine but my fellas so dont think they will accept correspondance from me? Ill keep my fingers crossed for u!
  3. Thanks for the quick reply - you have made me feel a little better!! Good luck for your case - have you tried ringing or had any calls? Im tempted to phone but dont want to look 'desperate'
  4. Slightly concerned - my letter from the court never set any directions about dates for court bundles - mines almost ready tos end, is it too late???
  5. Thanks for the advice, im sitting on everything and waiting it out
  6. ive been working on it in bits - been very busy with work/courses etc but planning to put my head down this week and weekend and get it all sorted, although if i can avoid the heft postage costs by settling i wouldnt mind!!
  7. Thanks!! had a letter today, court date set for 26th April, as far as i can tell there are 2 different ways now - ringing the bank or waiting for them to ring me! Any advise/words of wisdom?
  8. Update - letter from courts advising my claim is now on small claims track and a date will be fixed in due course....
  9. Congrats!! Thanks for the tip to read your post, made me a feel a lot better. Had a letter from court saying my claim has been allocated to small claims and a date will be fixed in due course.... more waiting im going to have no nails left soon!!!
  10. Thanks for the support, i actually feel more confident now - especially reading about another victory (congrats!!). I shall get my head down with my court bundle and await the daily visit from the post man Can anyone advise which is the best court bundle to use, there seems to be a few around, also when do i need to make sure this is all ready for?
  11. Due to being pathetic i managed and taking on too many banks at once i sent the prelim in novemeber and then never sent the lba. Can i start again or can i not get this back now?
  12. So, my AQ form went back to courts recorded delivery on 10th January, 7 days early. Havent heard a thing back. Should i be worried? Any words of wisdom? Im wishing id taken the measly offer from months ago now!!
  13. Ok, managaed to get the awnsers to one of my questions by reading around so if someone could check this for me it would be great: - In Sect G of the AQ i need to enter the following (not sure if this is 100% possible but i read a thread somewhere where a mother was acting on behalf of her son and i was hoping i can do this for my boyfriend just in case): "I respectfully request that my claim be allocated to the small claims track. This issue is not a complicated one; it is an issue of fact and not of law. The law relating to contractual penalties is settled law since the early 1900's. The issue is whether the money levied by the Defendant in respect of its customer’s contractual breaches exceed their actual costs incurred. Accordingly, the claimant proposes the attached draft order for directions, for the courts due consideration. In the alternative, should the court decide to allocate this claim to the fast track, the claimant requests an order of standard disclosure. The claimant gives notice that he wishes to be represented by his partner, Julie Kaye, at the hearing of this claim. I estimate that the hearing should last no longer than one hour." And i attach the Draft Order from the New AQ Strategy thread as well?? Hope this is right. Also, does anyone know about my previous question about AQ fee, i dont want to get it wrong but cant phone the court until the morning to check!!
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