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  1. Hi Gweedledum I issued Small Claims proceedings against bmi baby. BMI wrote to me again saying they would stick to their line of defence - I replied: fill in your forms to defend this and, by the way, I will be seeking discovery of your maintenance records. That did the trick and offer came back by return - not the full amount but enough for me as I had included every cost possible in my claim, meals, interest, time etc.. Their settlement was, of course,"not acceptance of your claim in its entirety and did not imply liability for the sums lost." etc etc blah blah! My experience is that by
  2. Go to court. I have recently had the same problem with bmibaby. Cancelled flight due to "unplanned technical fault" (what a planned technical fault is I don't know!). I asked for details and they would not supply them. I claimed compenstaion for alternative flights and travel, food etc. plus €250 compensation. Still no joy. Eventually they gave more information about a "hairline crack in the tail spine". Thanks heavens for a plane spotters website who redirected me to a directive from Boeing in 2002 alerting airlines to this problem.So I issued a small claim against them saying I would go for
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