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  1. I had a tenacy agreement with an agency who acted on the behalf of landlord everything fine . I then added my partner to the tenacy as were living together Long story short we seperated back in october and its been a bit of battle anyways I took my name off the tenacy as i need somewhere else to live etc and asked for my deposit back bear in mind this was november and im still having emails saying they cannot contact my Ex and that my deposit that i paid before thier name was added is held against the property . Can they hold my money against a property im not living in and they know this i s
  2. Thanks for all your help I ve heard back from the fca who have advised me to put complaint into the office of the company but they are laying blame with debt collecting company. It's all a huge headache. The loan is now paid and they are sending confirmation think I ll just let sleeping dogs lie and just live on a very tight budget till I can repay the money I had to borrow I am grateful to all help received just feel I'm fighting a loosing battle and I've 4 kiddies to look after lesson learnt I won't be making the mistake again.
  3. Got bill of sale we signed 18th march. It was stamped 22nd march so looks like it s above board still going to try get the ridiculous collectors fee of 270.00 back and pursue with my complaint. They also give me logbook back does this mean the loan has terminated. Thanks for all your help
  4. Spoke to the company today requesting my bill of sale so I can get it checked. They said letter of default was sent out on 13th June I haven't received it or had any phone calls etc. Am I right in thinking if I have paid more than a 3rd of the amount they need a court order to repossess ? I also asked where they stood if a vulnerable child lives at property I was told that's not down to them. I will update when bill of sale is received. Thanks for the help
  5. Thanks again. All sent I got case ref number
  6. Just done that it says invalid email. Also agent showed no ID or gave his name
  7. Thanks for your help much appreciated.
  8. With auto money it's a bill of sale that's what he said recently moved home so can't access paperwork I think there was a credit agreement. I'm more upset about the total disregard of my sons condition I will be going into auto money in the morning i just need to know what to ask etc I only have 1 payment left now
  9. Yes but made a payment since then. And heard nothing since usually get email phone calls etc but nothing just showed up took photographs clamped it then knocked on the door took 2 months arrears and 270.00 fee total of 700.00 wouldn't let me make any arrangements wanted payment in full
  10. He has now gone without the van but cost me 700 pound 270 of that was his fee :/. So upset he came at 8.20pm and wasn't leaving without van or payment. I explained I have a son who is autistic and this will be distressing could I sort it in the morning. His reply I'm not near your son so angry right now .
  11. Help needed they've just come to take my husbands work van we ve had no warning I'm panicking anything I can do any advice please
  12. On ending the tenacy she gave me a list of things she wanted me to correct , cleaning of carpets I have done this she hired the company I just paid the bill , replacement of carpet is to be taken from deposit , had drain unblocked I did nt even know was blocked , there was no cleaning issues on the exit list Thank you for your help
  13. I moved out of a property a few weeks ago after a mutual agreement with landlady. There was some issues she was not happy with a carpet for 1 which I ve agreed to have replaced but she wants me to pay just over £700 pound for . There are some stains on the hall carpet and landing carpet I ve paid to have them cleaned she still not happy and trying to tell me I owe her £3000 . My deposit of £1000 obvisiously has not been paid back and she did nt put it into a protection scheme like she said she did. Or if she did I ve no information on it . I was
  14. UPDATE After almost 2 weeks I still have not heard back from the bank and im still incurring daily charges I have put a letter of action in a letter an email will update if they ever get back to me Its been hardwork not having the use of my debit card with having a disabled son getting out is not easy so I use it for online purchases especially this time of year .. I ll fight the bank all the way :0 Kymmie
  15. WOW .. how do I go about re claiming the charges? I ve spoken to the bank Wednesday and they said I would receive an email (which I have nt ) and they would make a decision within 5 days about the 150.00 they took kymmie
  16. All that goes into account is benefits family credit and working tax credit housing benefit child benefit sons DLA Thanks so much I ve paid a fortune in charges kymmie
  17. Hi Everyone I ve had a lot of charges from this bank I get 2 sets 1 for not having enough funds 25.00 and the other for going overdrawn another 25.00 I always clear them and move on and wait till the next lot . But today I got so upset I received my son s DLA Payment into bank bought some Christmas presents off my card today lovely then this morning I go to upload his dinner money it was declined . I log into internet banking to find the bank have taken a total of 150.00 in charges . I only cleared my account last week of
  18. Already done thanks ... Will be visting my local CAB as there as been another incident today
  19. It was on a friends profile the comment wasn't nasty in anyway only that if she was nt happy about what was happening in the school she needed to find her voice and be heard this I find in no way relevant to the meeting I attended to about my son , so im miffed into why they brought it up Thanks
  20. I made a comment on a status on facebook , to cut long story short I attended a meeting yesterday regarding my son And the comment I made was brought up. I recently found out that that a teaching assistant is feeding the school the information. I know facebook is public and all that but surely to be pulled up in a meeting regarding my sons welfare is unprofessional when they could of just mentioned it at the end of the school day ? Can I put a complaint in about this I use facebook for advice and support regarding my son and I just feel that I cant anymo
  21. Hi everyone I have a washing machine with brighthouse which went faulty last last Thursday. I phoned the store to be told an engineer would come on out on the Tuesday ,,, no engineer came after waiting in all day I received a phone call asking what the problem was and they asked me for serial number of washer and said they would order the part .. quick diagnosis without even checking . .so I ring the store not very happy .. I was then promised I would have a loan wash machine delivered today after I stressed I have disabled child who soils his clothes and
  22. I have nt as yet waiting to see what the council say( as I understand they have a certain timescale in which to respond) but it will be my next step I have copies of the letters I ve sent etc I ve told all my friends and family about this website and myself will be making regular donations the help and advice is amazing
  23. So Sorry for not updating sooner not been very well I wrote letters of complaints to both baliff and council tax along with a telephone conversation with another advisor from the council who said she would pass on my complaint to relevant person this was on the 2nd May she also stopped baliff action for 2 weeks until matter was resolved so far I have heard nothing else except letters from Equita Baliffs well I say letters they are removal notices . Looks like they are not going to back off My husband is ringing council later today to see what is happening with complaint and to see
  24. Thank you both I will work on a letter tomorrow. Im going to phone the council tomorrow or rather hubby will and make them an offer of payment , one I can afford so I don't go through this will I have to pay the £200 baliff fee?
  25. Thankyou so much I will ring them in the morning but it was nt the baliff that threatened me with prison it was the lady who I spoke to on the phone at the council
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