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  1. Hi I know this has probably been repeated a million times but I've been reading a lot on here and can't find an answer. I finally found out today that my finance for a previous car of ours was provided by WFS. We bought the car years ago through Direct Car Finance. I spoke to the PPI dept at WFS today and they provided me with my old account details and have told me to write them a letter asking for them to look at our claim for PPI. I haven't given them any information about my intent yet. I asked if I needed to send any formal request with any payment and they said no, they would
  2. Hi thanks for asking! The court went well today. the judge didn't award the Order for Sale and cited some Act/section relating to the children as the solicitor didn't think that was relevant The judge also has given another year to us to try and raise the funds via a remortgage but that is to give the housing market longer to recover (the solicitor wanted only 6 months) The judge also said that if the solicitor doesn't bring the case back to court within the year (I don't know what for?) then the case will be dismissed and would have to be started again from the beginning. The
  3. Hi I really need some advice. Tomorrow my husband and I have to go to court as my dad is taking us for an order for sale of our property. History ~ In 2005 my dad had a stroke We sold our home and his house was sold and we bought a house together so I could be his lifelong carer. Dec 2006 he attacked my sister (who was visiting) with a knife and was removed by the police and an injunction and non-molestation order taken out to protect my children and so he couldn't be bailed back here. Aug 2008 Went to court to confirm his interest in the property (his 44% ou
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