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  1. Saw that Google Play are sending my new Nexus 5 using ParcelFarce...
  2. Hi all, My (soon to be) brother in law, may have to soon start taking Barclays Bank (Charges etc) to court. My BIL works 9-5 (often later) as a Social worker. He does also not have the knowledge to pursue a case like this. Is it possible that I could handle the case for him? I mean a)Could I get him to sign a form of authority? Would this be acceptable to a court and Barclays? b)Could I engage Barclays in the pre-court protocol? c)What would I put on the court forms? d)Could I attend/represent him at hearings e)What would happen to the monies won? Thanks an
  3. Just had a look on companies house and they are in debt to the tune of 3 million quid. Perhaps the cookie has crumbled for HFO
  4. Just got of the blower and this is what they said 'This Mailbox is currently full, If you know the extension number of the party you wish to speak to then you may enter it here'
  5. I may phone GPB's old number and see what they say
  6. Ho to the shop, talk with the manager.ONLY if you can record it!
  7. Here is a screenie of the car park from street view [ATTACH=CONFIG]46449[/ATTACH]
  8. Here we are! Just fill in the Highlighted bits, attach a copy of any evidence ( a copy of a bank statement with the payment highlighted(use Internet banking if needs be)). Le edit: Will upload in a min when I alert CAG Team)
  9. Give me 10 mins and I will have a letter that you can send to Santander
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