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  1. Bazooka Boo, it is just one debt. Thank you for comments. Is it true that if the DCA takes this to court, before my brother can file for bankrupcy, he then has to wait for the court hearing? And so is making an offer and threatening bankrupcy, risking that they may immeadiatley take this to court, to prevent him going bankrupt?
  2. Thank you for your quick responses! Cerberusalert, he actually has a meeting with a solicitor to discuss the debt relief order, but doesn't think his monthly disposable income will meet the required level - he has been told that it has to be £50 or less? Rory32, the debt is in relation to credit card. I see what you are saying regarding starting low, and it's interesting that you say they will not accept the starting bid. I was thinking that if you wrote to them and said we can only pay £2000, and they say no, and you then say well how about £3000? They are going to see that you have
  3. Hello I found out this week that my brother has got a debt problem. He built up a lot of debt at univerisity, worked out a repayment scheme with his bank, but failed to make some of the payments, and now he has Fairfax Solicitors writing to him. First of all I would like to thank you all for this website, and your very useful posts, it has helped us a lot and made it seem much less daunting knowing that others have been through exactly the same. My brother is prepared to go bankrupt, he owes £9,000 and has no savings or assets. But I am able to lend him some money, and I'm prepa
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