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  1. we are not using any other claim companie(s).we have filled in compensation claim form fscs,& this has been sent to deloittes. this is the procedure"we thinks"hope this "clarifies" situation.thanks jj69& dx; (sorry for confusion)
  2. WHO should we be using then? ,,,dxany expert/guru who has had dealings with "Picture" willing to comment thanks again , happyhamr
  3. update; have finally sent & completed compensation form to "Delloites", we have recieved confirmation letter from them to confirm this. "all systems GO" We would still like to ask if their are any, ,Picture,Picture Home Loans(now Webb Resolutions), experts/ gurus for any comment on this thread;;;;;;;;;; PLEASE. Thanks happyhmr& otherhalf
  4. hello. , just want some help/ advice if possible. at the time of taking out this loan, the insurers were (2006) 1 - combined life assurance company limited,in respect of life,accidental death,disability and hospiltalisation cover; 2-london general insurance company liimited in respect of unemploment cover and no claims bonus.; BUT in 2010, we have a letter stating that, TWG( The Warranty Group), were in fact the insurers (insurance company) Now in filling out the compensation form,(still going through it),section E3, IF any body has filled this bit in, we would like somehelp/
  5. so sorry to hear about the outcome of this rae:-x are these people "BLIND". you have a progressive disorder thats gets worse every day,week , month year upon year,and do not take this into account:???: request statement of reasons what people suggest & think about what "you" want to do:-) if i was you i would keep changelling, appealing , fighting this/these decisions because eventually your condition will win your battle. when they see you at your next hearing, or in 10, 20 hearings time with a oxygen tank on your back, then they might finally get it. good wishes t
  6. 3rd time lucky:-) "hopefully" good luck, happyhamr:wink:
  7. hellow, the mould (everyone). the trial date is(notice of hearing) is 15th of april. witness statements have been sent&recieved. this had to be done by the 7th of march we sent ours to solicitor&court before this date. recieved solicitor/blackhorse witness statement on friday the 11th of march. "not sure what this means":???: still have to send pre trial checklist in by 21st of march, "so would like some help with this please" ABCDE &F, especially A,confirmation of compliance with directions; and F, document and fee checklist:?: still w
  8. hi happyhamr here:-) just wanted to clear up , "little confusion". my girlfriend got the job , originally for 18 hours 45 minutes , but came to an agreement to work 15 hours 45 minutes so that she would be under the16 hours a week limit:-)(hope this clarifies) as she says is it worth her going to work:roll: £112.40 - £64,40(jsa)-£30.00(travel) =£18 pound a week, "whats the point":roll:
  9. Thanks for all your advise. I have another query, I started work 2 weeks ago and I am doing 15.45 hours per week. I have just been to Jobcentrre to sign on and to see an advisor as i have been signing on for more than 13 weeks. My net pay is £112.40 per week and I have just phoned jobseekers allowance number to find out what deductions will be taken out. They stated that as I am earining £112.00 per week that my jsa will be deducted from this amount.In other words THEY will be paying nothing. Why is it they say you can work less than 16 hours and they then stop the money.
  10. with regard to scm paperwork(documents sent), if i wanted to see original(s) how do i /we go about this:?: "do we just ask/write to solicitors";;;;; reason being does not quite add up. another question:?: with regard to the ppi on this loan & the 2 previous loans taken out with BH, how do we counter claim the ppi back plus intrest & charges to be taken into account. " do we wite to the court" requesting that we want to counter claim:???: whats the procedure:?: thank you , the mould & everybody else if you have any input/advice. "thanks so much" , happyhamr(s)
  11. general form of judgement order(copy for your information), from court. Before the court officer sitting at dartford cc blah blah. You the claimant have been sent form N152(including an allocation questionnaire) requiring the fee of£200 and which specified the date by which you were required to return the AQ. you have failed to file the AQ with the court by the date specified in form N152.no payment has been received either. you must submit£200 and file the AQ with the court on or before 17th december 2010. if you do not comply with this notice your claim wll automatically be struck
  12. Hello the Mould hope you are well, and have been enjoying your cups of your well earned tea:-) 1 - Have received listing questionaire (pre trial check list) YES 2 - Copy of general form of judgement order has been sent to us by the court '' I take it Black Horse have/had to reply to this'' We have received a big bundle of paperwork (very confusing) its like half of a subject access request, loads of default notices /charges plus general letters that have been sent over the years. 3 - My other half received letter from court stating ''allocation to the fast track'' 4 - No hearsay
  13. hellow the mould, hope you are well:-) just waking up from our winter sleep:-) will reply to you soon(other half types quicker than me:oops:) cheers for listning/helping, the hammies:-) thank you, off to bed
  14. hellow,jj69&sgianthebard:-) could you please tell the exact name and address so that i can send a SAR. thanks every little bit of information "hopefully helps" cheers happyhamr:-)
  15. now that picture has had another name change to webb resolutions, "so i believe".,& have taken over:-) can someone please clarify to me,because i want to do a SAR to them.(picture or webb) so what name do i use,& can i have the exact address this £10 postal order should be sent too. thank you happyhamr:-)
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