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  1. Good evening/Good morning (depending on your point of view). I have just read the announcement about claiming back the interest charged my overdraft which is 100% made up of bank charges! plus 8% This weekend the forecast is for rain, and lots of it, so this will help pass the time. First of all I'll need to workout at which point the overdraft became soley charges. Will keep you updated. Many thanks for this information!
  2. Evening all. I have obviously been in la la land when this new charging malarky came about. I have noticed that my interest payments have gone up a few pounds on my o/draft because once upon a time the first £250.00 was free, then the rest was charged at a certain rate. Now none of the o/draft at my agreed level is free. But get this, anything over that is! Stranger way of charging if you ask me! Good luck to Dave and Marc. Cheque in the post. Please cash it as soon as received. Regards vincymum
  3. So much left unsaid! All this waiting is frustrating. I just can't imagine what arguements the banks will come up with next. Cos if they are not offering a service:o , and the charges are not penalties:o :o my poor little brain can't think beyond liquidated damages:o :o :o . I'll just have to keep my eyes peeled here on this website for the answers!
  4. Just trying to get my head around the initial judgement. As I understand it, according to the Judge, 1. The bank charges are not penalties???!!?, 2. The terms and conditions are written in clear english etc.... So as someone else hinted/said does this mean that they are liquidated damages (on personal accounts anyway)??? What might the banks feel about that?
  5. Well did not spend all of it in the same shop saintly ! Thanks to you too for still being here and helping us all out. Regards, vincymum
  6. Hi slick132. Thanks for your reply. I've had a great day today, firstly with the first round of the fight in our favour, and then finding 5pence in a carrier bag!! Glad to know you are still here helping. Thanks Regards, vincymum
  7. Evening all. Hope everyone is doing ok. Lots been going on in my private life. Just a quick line to ask if alanfromderby managed to get my t&c,s I sent to him, and also to let people know that Barclays wrote to me saying somethng along the lines of can we wait for the earlier of the 1st july 08 to resume this business or until the outcome. Then the court wrote to me telling me that it had made an ordera long the same lines. So like everyone else, I carry on waiting. ttfn vincymum
  8. Thanks for the reply saintly. On their way vincymum
  9. Thanks Slick. I was just wondering if there was anything I should be doing in the meanwhile. Yes, I've got original T&C's I've found under the sofa if he still wants 'em.
  10. Morning. I have some questions, and apologise in advanace if the first one has been answered before. Firstly, my case has been stayed like so many others pending the outcome of the case. My general form of judgement or order also says that Either party may apply in writing to the Court Office to reinstate the claim. Assuming the deadline comes and goes without a resolution to the case, could the judge stay my case yet again? And how soon after the stay date can I re-apply to the court? Secondly does the alan from derby po box address still exist? Curious vincymum
  11. Happy new year to you Happy new year to you Well its better late than never Happy new year to youuuuuu xXx
  12. Hi saintly, good to hear from you. No I don't have one. I do not intend to use my account for anything other than receiving monies and then paying it into another outside of Barclays (details had been set up before the cut off date). Would not give them the opportunity to offer/charge me for yet another 'service' that I did not asks for. In a recent ish leaflet Barclays went on about if you have online banking, then your computer must have x,y,&Z otherwise they will not be held responsible in the event of fraudulent activity etc I was led to believe. I didn't even both read it all I was
  13. Glad to see you still here slick132. Been browsing mainly for a long while. Bit of off topic comment (I think). With revelation after revelation about lapses in security at HMRC, and the most breathtaking yet IMHO, where some bigwig conceded that bank account details with pin no's secret passwords etc had been found advertised on over 100 websites boasting specifically uk bank details, who should now be considered fit to be a data processor? Who can be safe from misuse of data, and of what use at all do pins, cards, secret questions etc serve anymore? If child benefit data, & bank accou
  14. Morning all, still here. Just been watching The Money Programme about penalty charges on BBC1. It was interesting but did not raise any new issues for me. Like everyone here I just want it sorted. As an aside I now have an absolute basic account and rarely use cheques. (Too expensive IMHO). Glad to see the issue still in the media even though it wasat 2.00am:)
  15. Will be getting in contact pdq. Thanks for remembering me. VM
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