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  1. I second that, but I would also make a complaint about the police's handling of it. They over-rely on the insurance database which is a computerised entity and can and does contain errors...people who are legally insured but not on it, and people who have no insurance who mistakenly are on it. The police know this full well, but as they don't give a toss about the truth but only about convicting people whether or not they're actually guilty, they're not going to question what the insurance database says, that could mean crucial lost revenue in fines. When the son produced the insurance do
  2. I agree with you Michele. My conviction is now spent, it was a minor offence and had nothing to do with motoring. When I did have a criminal record several years ago, I always answered honestly if anyone asked me, of course explaining the circumstances around how I got the conviction. If I was dealing in a field that had nothing whatsoever to do with my conviction, I would not disclose it unless specifically asked, e.g. if someone asked if I had any criminal convictions then I would of course answer truthfully. I would not mention it if not asked unless it was in an area that WAS relevant
  3. Not ALL car insurance companies ask about non-motoring convictions...in fact I have just been scouting around on half a dozen or so and none of them had that question in their quotes bit, they only ask about specifically motoring convictions. A few years ago I made a claim with Swiftcover after my car was stolen. When I phoned them, one of their allegedly routine questions was whether I had a criminal record. They refused the claim and declared my insurance void because I had not revealed I had a criminal record when buying the policy. I was sure I had not been asked, because I am an hone
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