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  1. I've wrote back to the prosecutors office yesterday so fingers crossed! I'll let you know how it goes.
  2. P.S I'm not trying to get out of this, but I just don't know how I should be responding/what I should be doing. Thanks.
  3. I've counted and it's been missed I think - the incident happened in the first week of October, and I was written to by SWT mid December. I then received summons last week which looked as though they were submitted to the court on 23 March. 6 months would have been the first week of April. Do I need to copy the letter I send to the prosecutor to the court? I'm not how I go about this and I don't want to miss the required 3 days before court date to inform them of what I am doing.
  4. Thanks for your help so far everyone. I understand ignorance isn't a defence! The station is on the Reading line, but not too far out. I've been mulling this over in my mind whilst drafting the letter to the prosecutor I'm sending today, there was a lot of time between the incident and when I was contacted. I'm pretty sure the only information he took from me was description, there was no caution or other questions asked. He didn't even seem that sure what he was doing. I am thinking my response is going to be along the lines of can they re-consider his statement again as I don't be
  5. Hi everyone, I'm new to this site but thought I would post as the advice given so far seems to help a lot of people out. So here goes... At the beginning of October 2009 I got off from my way home from work and noticed that there were officials at the station (assisting the Transport Police I believe). I proceeded to look for my ticket, and approached one gentleman as I could not find it. I explained my situation and this person filled out what I think was a stop and search book that took down my description, viewed some ID and then they called to check my address, all to their satisfacti
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