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  1. As for Matrix - I doubt that they have paid any money to anyone and I still need to get my £600 back of the idiots.
  2. Thanks, the SAR that you kindly provided the link for asks for a response by a certain date, how long do I need to give them, and do I need to buy a postal order
  3. Cap1 V4.pdf sorry guys - here is another version of the document minus any other personal details. Not good at this kind of thing
  4. yes some of the costs are charges, although I do not know how much. If it were you which letter would you actually send to be on the safe side. Thanks in advance for your help
  5. I had a card when I was married, and that was cleared - so first account was in my married name and I thought I had closed it. After my divorce I contacted them, to see about getting a new credit card, and they told me they would send a new card, this was then changed to my maiden name. I did not sign for a new card. Hence why there are two sets of documents, one which has been signed and one which hasn't. Does this make sense to you?
  6. tracy0512

    Capital One

    Hi - can anyone help, I wrote to Cap One and requested a CCA - never received it so sent the next letter and now have received the attached document. The signature they have is in my married name and when I got divorced the card was cleared. The debt they are chasing is in my maiden name, and they have no signature. There are two sets of agreement, as I said, one signed and one not. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Desperate to get this sorted. Cap1V3.pdf
  7. Hi - sent a failure to comply to APEX (lloyds TSB), beginning of September, but no response as of yet - how long do I have to give them, and do I need to do anything to follow up? Appreciate all your help
  8. ok - but I am receiving letters as well as phone calls. Apex is the only compnay that I have requested a credit agreement from, and they don't have it. Credit Solutions are the nasty ones, so I think I should follow the same process as Apex and request credit agreement.
  9. DX - Apex - who have my lloyds tsb bank loan - have started contacting me again, they have heard from lloyds, but have not written to me to tell me what lloyds have said, but told me over the phone that lloyds can only provide bank statements - I asked them what does that prove, I need the original credit agreement - which it appears they don't have, they said they will write to lloyds again - what do I need to do - these people are all vile - I know they are only doing their job - but they are idiots. Can you please point me in the right direction, as to which letters I need to be sending to them. Thanks
  10. Hi DX Just a quick update - still no news from Lloyds TSB and I haven't heard anything from Blair Oliver Scot for IF or Capital One. Should I still sit tight regarding the BOS and Cap One? Should I see it as good news so far concerning Lloyds?
  11. A week on, and still no CCA from Lloyds TSB and no more letters from Apex requesting settlement . I have opened a fully fleged flex account with Nationwide, which I have taken as a positive and am now ready to take on Halifax - well Intellegent Finance (which I believe are part of Halifax), just in case they decide to take money from my account for the loan without my permission, I am actually going to close my Halifax account. although I have not heard anything from Blair Oliver Scott for several months concerning this debt (£8000), what do you think I should do, should I contact them and request a copy of my CCA should I leave it till they find me. Tracy
  12. hi dx hope you are well. Update - still no response from Lloyds TSB/Apex re CCA. If still not caught up with me either, am waiting on them finding me and sending me a letter again to tell me I need to pay them in full, or find out if they have also changed debt collection agencies again. CSL still contacting me via telephone, although they have my address re Capital One credit card. I answered to them and told them that I am not willing to discuss over the phone and put everything in writing. Will give you further updates next week, or as and when I get any news as I will probably need your help again. Have a good weekend Tracy
  13. response received form Apex on Sat morning, advising that they will take the matter up with Lloyds TSB, but until then my account has gone on hold and I won't hear from them until they get a copy of the credit agreement from lloyds. / What do you think?
  14. dx - I have now sent off CCA request, recorded delivery - sent on Wednesday 12 May 2010. I shall now give them another 10 days from Monday and see if I get anything back. If I do - I will then ask what the next step is and if I don't I shall again ask what the next step is. Have a good weekend and thanks again.
  15. You are a gem - feel like we becoming best friends lol. Ok - am leaving work early tomorrow - so will get a £1.00 postal order and send to APEX my letter requesting original CCA - then I know I have to wait 12 plus 2 days - if I don't get a response - then I shall move to the next letter in the process - I believe that's on this site as well. Thanks again and I will keep in touch over the next few days.
  16. Lloyds TSB - just under £3,000 - was with BLS now with APEX (Apex sent a letter a few days ago, telling me Lloyds had been in touch with them and asked them to collect the debt in full) - this was being paid by Harrington Brookes up until Oct 2009 then I moved to matrix IF - loan - around £8,000 - this is with Blair Oliver Scott, but I have moved around over the past year - not had any actual contact with them - but again as above. Had this loan for 5 years - I only borrowed £7500. Capital One - credit card - around £2000 - again as above - I think the company that keeps calling my mobile CSL and leaving text messages (3 or 4 times a day) is the company that have taken this on. Should I make contact with APEX requesting a CCA - this is for the Lloyds TSB loan - been ongoing now for around 15 years. I have never received any letters from the above banks telling me that they have passed my debts on to DCA's - but I have received letters over the years from DCA's telling me they are acting on behalf of Lloyds, IF, but nothing for Capital One. I hope this information helps you to help me make an informed decision - this all scares me
  17. dx - sorry - tracy again. I have tried several times to contact Matrix and have written to them but have heard no response. I have cancelled the direct debit to them in the hope that they will contact me, I have left several heated messages with an answering service that they seem to have. The last letter received was dated 20 Jan 2010 when they said not to have contact with my creditors as my loans had been passed to their legal team and that their solicitors will write to the banks/lenders requesting copies of the original credit agreements etc etc. I tried the number again but it just rings out 01932 577 500 and then gives the engaged tone. When you do get through they just say that they are the answering service, something quite dodgy I think going on here. I therefore think that sending them a request for all informationthey hold on me is a complete waste of time. Your views please, I think it might be better dealing with my creditors myself requesting a copy of the original CCA .... you views would be appreciated. sorry my messages are so long, I just need to cover the facts and don't want to miss anything out
  18. dx I was paying all of them up until October of last year - as I said I was with a debt management company called Matrix, who took my money from October 2009 until end April 2010, I believe that Matrix no longer exist but are still [problem]ing people out of their money. they were supposed to manage my debts for me. So creditors have not been paid, I believe for 6 months, I was with harrington Brookes before that and they did actually pay my debts but took more off me for themselves than they paid my creditors. I have only heard from the one debt collection agency and have stopped my direct debit to Matrix this month. I do have a letter from Matrix dated dec 2010 to say that they were contacting my creditors for the original copies of the CCA - but I cannot get in touch with Matrix at all, have had no letters etc off them, only that they take my money each month - lost £700 and have no way of getting in touch with them or finding out whether they obtained my credit agreements, hence coming on this site to find someone to help me out. Its all so dammed confusing, and I really do not want to pay any more money out, and I don't want people knocking my door. I really do appreciate all of your help Tracy
  19. thanks again dx - its hard to know what to do, I have now just the letter asking for a copy of my agreement from APEX, as they are the ones that have contacted me going to get postal order at lunch time and send recorded delivery, then I shall wait 14 days for a response. I am still trying to find an address for Blair Oliver Scott .... . I haven't heard from these for some time and still no official letter from Capital one who I owe money to for my credit card. Couple of questions (I know I am a pain, but this scares the life out of me), and I want to make sure I follow what everyone else has done. 1. If I do not hear from Apex re lloyds tsb .... do I need to do a follow up letter. 2. Should I wait for Blair Oliver Scott to get in touch with me before I send them a CCA request and also the same for Capital One. 3. have you done this and have you been sucessful? Tracy
  20. Thanks again ..... the saga continues, my lloyds tsb loan was originally with BLS - now a company called APEX are now contacting me telling me that Lloyds TSB have asked them to contact me to ask for payment of the outstanding amount £2931.70 … ... what should I do . ... CCA them - I have received no letters from lloyds at all over the years telling me that my loan with them has been passed on.
  21. help, does anyone have the correct addresses for BLS collections as I only have a PO box and the same for Blair Oliver Scott - I don't want to send something off to a PO box and not have my documents signed for as I will have no proof that they have received my requests
  22. thanks for you help with this, I will send a letter off immediately, but is the sample letter you supplied the right one for writing to the debt collection agencies. I believe I have one shot at this and I really want to get it right - appreciate all of your help and advice
  23. thanks for your help with this, much appreciated. As I said all my debts are with Debt Collectors, I have no received any CCJ's or default notices from the debt collectors, although CSL which seem to have my credit card debt keep phoning and leaving messages - so … . final question - do I write to the collection agencies asking them for proof of Credit Agreement or do I write to Intellegent Finance (if I can find paperwork), Lloyds TSB and also my actual credit card provider. Everything that I have read has told me to send a letter to the DCA asking for the original credit agreement - giving them so many days etc etc. Your letter appears to be in a lot more depth, also I have moved again recently, so letters not catching up with me at the moment. As for Matrix - the debt management company, I suspect I have lost this money and there is nothing I can do and they just got me into even more trouble. Sorry again so many questions.
  24. Thank you so much for your response. its not that I don't want to pay, I do, but never seem to get the payment down, a loan with IF - started off at £7500 five and half years ago, and for the first year I paid £115 per month, then paid £80 per month for two years, but I still owe over £8000, its only been the last 12 months that I have had problems paying at all. Can you point me in the right direction of the letter that I need to send to ask for the original credit agreement(s), I shall do this to IF and LLoyds TSB - although they have passed the debts to debt collection agencies, so I will send to them rather that the banks as all they will say is that this has been passed on. To my annoyance I had been paying Matix £100 per month from last October, and before that the same amount to another agency whom did pay by debts for me, but Matrix have taken my money and not paid a thing and now I can't get in touch with them, so money down the toilet, and I am not sure how I can get this money back. Sorry lots of questins, but don't have much time to sort out as I have just found out that I have an illness and I really want to sort all of this out so my children don't have to pick up the mess. Any help you can give me would be wonderful
  25. I have two loans, one with Lloyds TSB being collected by BLS and another with IF (cannot remember the name of the company collecting this one), I have had the lloyds loan now for about 10 years and the IF loan for 5 years - I got into difficulty and the loans were bought, but I feel that they may have been mis-sold. Can someone point me in the right direction of obtaining the original credit agreements with both of these companies to see if I can get the loans written off. I can remember lloyds changing my payments, but I never signed a document to agree this, so I think I can do something here and they keep asking for a full and final settlement as do the debt collection agency that are collecting for IF. Please can you help, there are so many threads about different help that is being offered, but unsure where to look or start. Tracy0512:confused:
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