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  1. As for Matrix - I doubt that they have paid any money to anyone and I still need to get my £600 back of the idiots.
  2. Thanks, the SAR that you kindly provided the link for asks for a response by a certain date, how long do I need to give them, and do I need to buy a postal order
  3. Cap1 V4.pdf sorry guys - here is another version of the document minus any other personal details. Not good at this kind of thing
  4. yes some of the costs are charges, although I do not know how much. If it were you which letter would you actually send to be on the safe side. Thanks in advance for your help
  5. I had a card when I was married, and that was cleared - so first account was in my married name and I thought I had closed it. After my divorce I contacted them, to see about getting a new credit card, and they told me they would send a new card, this was then changed to my maiden name. I did not sign for a new card. Hence why there are two sets of documents, one which has been signed and one which hasn't. Does this make sense to you?
  6. tracy0512

    Capital One

    Hi - can anyone help, I wrote to Cap One and requested a CCA - never received it so sent the next letter and now have received the attached document. The signature they have is in my married name and when I got divorced the card was cleared. The debt they are chasing is in my maiden name, and they have no signature. There are two sets of agreement, as I said, one signed and one not. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Desperate to get this sorted. Cap1V3.pdf
  7. Hi - sent a failure to comply to APEX (lloyds TSB), beginning of September, but no response as of yet - how long do I have to give them, and do I need to do anything to follow up? Appreciate all your help
  8. ok - but I am receiving letters as well as phone calls. Apex is the only compnay that I have requested a credit agreement from, and they don't have it. Credit Solutions are the nasty ones, so I think I should follow the same process as Apex and request credit agreement.
  9. DX - Apex - who have my lloyds tsb bank loan - have started contacting me again, they have heard from lloyds, but have not written to me to tell me what lloyds have said, but told me over the phone that lloyds can only provide bank statements - I asked them what does that prove, I need the original credit agreement - which it appears they don't have, they said they will write to lloyds again - what do I need to do - these people are all vile - I know they are only doing their job - but they are idiots. Can you please point me in the right direction, as to which letters I need to be sendin
  10. Hi DX Just a quick update - still no news from Lloyds TSB and I haven't heard anything from Blair Oliver Scot for IF or Capital One. Should I still sit tight regarding the BOS and Cap One? Should I see it as good news so far concerning Lloyds?
  11. A week on, and still no CCA from Lloyds TSB and no more letters from Apex requesting settlement . I have opened a fully fleged flex account with Nationwide, which I have taken as a positive and am now ready to take on Halifax - well Intellegent Finance (which I believe are part of Halifax), just in case they decide to take money from my account for the loan without my permission, I am actually going to close my Halifax account. although I have not heard anything from Blair Oliver Scott for several months concerning this debt (£8000), what do you think I should do,
  12. hi dx hope you are well. Update - still no response from Lloyds TSB/Apex re CCA. If still not caught up with me either, am waiting on them finding me and sending me a letter again to tell me I need to pay them in full, or find out if they have also changed debt collection agencies again. CSL still contacting me via telephone, although they have my address re Capital One credit card. I answered to them and told them that I am not willing to discuss over the phone and put everything in writing. Will give you further updates next week, or as and when I get any news as I will
  13. response received form Apex on Sat morning, advising that they will take the matter up with Lloyds TSB, but until then my account has gone on hold and I won't hear from them until they get a copy of the credit agreement from lloyds. / What do you think?
  14. dx - I have now sent off CCA request, recorded delivery - sent on Wednesday 12 May 2010. I shall now give them another 10 days from Monday and see if I get anything back. If I do - I will then ask what the next step is and if I don't I shall again ask what the next step is. Have a good weekend and thanks again.
  15. You are a gem - feel like we becoming best friends lol. Ok - am leaving work early tomorrow - so will get a £1.00 postal order and send to APEX my letter requesting original CCA - then I know I have to wait 12 plus 2 days - if I don't get a response - then I shall move to the next letter in the process - I believe that's on this site as well. Thanks again and I will keep in touch over the next few days.
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