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  1. Hi guys here is the 2 pictures of letters. and What do you make of them?
  2. I haven't got a scanner... but I can take a photo of the letter and upload to somewhere if that is helpful? It doesnt seem to me like its an agreement, it seems like theyve just asked barclaycard for a balance. Do you think that they are most likely panicking because they haven't got a leg to stand on? What should I do now? Thanks again for all the help.
  3. Hi guys, I got a response. Finally. Its a letter from Turnbull Rutherford, they have given me a "reconstituted agreement" as requested by me... is that what I requested? It looks like a letter from barclaycard, dated 24th January 2013. Just a one paged letter, giving a statement of the account, and then 2 pages of T&C's. Does this make sense to anyone? They have also offered me a settlement of £150 to be cleared by... surprise, tomorrow. Even though I got the letter today.
  4. sorry for all the confusing comments guys. Anyway I have sent off 2 CCA requests today,with the £1 postal order, recorded post to HFO and the so called "Turnbull Rotherford" - who I assume are another arm of the HFO blaggard robot. Is it 12 days I was for a reply?
  5. I can't remember unfortunately if I did send the letter recorded back in June. I definitely enclosed the postal order, I have just reprinted it off. One copy for HFO and one copy for Turnbull Rutherford (a front for HFO?) Also the link above to the "account in dispute" letter isn't working, could you possibly relink? Thanks in advance.
  6. yeah i think I did? it was june now I look back on it. If I didn't should I send again? I send a SAE as well
  7. How do I get it in writing? Would Barclaycard supply this? They werent so forthcoming when I came into the branch.
  8. yeah the last payment was above ^ do I resend off the CCA letter? I didn't send the account in default letter as coledog suggested, should I send that now or start with a CCA to Turnbull Rotherford?
  9. Hello again guys. After a long silence from hfo. I have now come home to two letters, one of which is a letter from hfo instructing that they have instructed Turnbull Rotherford solicitors to act on their behalf and claim the debt. I have also got a letter received today from said solicitors who are saying they are acting for hfo. They are asking immediately that I contact them. What do i do now? do I contact them or not, I thought I shouldn't? and hfo still haven't got back with the cca request.... Any help on this will be fantastic guys.
  10. Thank you assisted blonde That is what I will be hoping for. I've sent the resignation first class special delivery today and also via a scanned copy to the HR guy at head office. I included an apology, and at the end some thanks for their support over the years (if anyone wisehs to see it I will copy and paste the letter). I wont be seeking an appeal nor any grievance. I'm bang to rights, I just want it over with now and on to the important step of getting a new job which I have already made head way, only time will tell if the reference they choose to give or not give is a bad one - in terms
  11. I suppose I am seeming a bit stubborn yes. Sorry, I shall await what the letter back says, I presume it will be either to tell me about the disciplinary or that they accept my resignation. Will have to wait until Monday / Tuesday for that now. Then I can assess whether to go through with the disciplinary, if they don't choose to accept my resignation they obviously will be wanting to make it an official dismissal. Thanks for your kind words.
  12. Thanks Emmzzi, I received 2 more interview requests today, so god willing, out of all the chances I have there will be one person who chooses to give me a chance. One of them was cheltenham and gloucester, I find it not as likely to be anything but a straight no, though I will never know unless I try. I do not wish to still attend the hearing, for example, I didn't bring up in the investigation affects of anxiety and/or stress nor alcohol abuse. So the likelihood of them accepting this in a formal disciplinary is highly unlikely, they will deem it me clutching at straws. Unfortunatel
  13. Well the job I'm leaving is retail, the one I would be going to was either marketing, or IT sales. Obviously I have to rule out my chances of working for banks, insurance, etc in the future. I am panicking I suppose, which is why I'm on here. I have read up though, and as I didnt leave the full premises, and all items were recovered - i.e. it wasnt money and items, so trivial at less than £40, there isnt a criminal act to prosecute for, not one they'd see the point for (I, believe it or not, used to assist on the loss prevention team) and understand what they do and dont want to pursue.
  14. I understand, but do I have anything to gain. I need the time that the meeting will be at the go on a job course, I also know they're adamant I will lose my job, so hence the immediate resignation. I've put everything at risk for one stupid act, including my 4 year relationship with my fiancee.
  15. I don't know if after my preliminary hearing today if that will work, i basically admitted the offence and being in the wrong. i'm well aware that this is going to affect my life immensely now. just wish i could change my actions. Im still in the frame of mind to send my resignation tomorrow, and hope for leniency.
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