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  1. Thanks I will do that

    When I went to the police station in person before they didnt want to know and asked me to sort it with the DCA directly

    When I told the DCA that he said thats normally the case cause the police feel its the banks fault for giving out a credit card incorrectly.

    I will go back to the police and insist that they give me a crime ref number and I will mail that to the DCA and CRA

  2. Thanks for the great advice!

    Can I at all be liable for this card when all the documentation and agreements are for a female?

    I am just worried about where I stand in all this. I can see from my credit record that they have entered a default against me for this.

    Now I am deeply worried

  3. I just spoke to the DCA on the phone. The guy said he agreed it all looked very strange. He also said the fact that the person with the card was taking out 500 pounds a day until the card maxed out was likely fraud. He said he would pass it to another dept to look into.


    Thanks for the website I will use that too

  4. Hi

    my first post hope I do this right


    Ok I have had 2 letters from 2 different DCA about credit cards from MBNA(RED) and EGG(Cabot)


    The letters from DCA have have my name and address but for a female (mrs) instead of Male. (I am male)


    I quickly requested a CCA. Red were unable to provide one and after a while sent me a letter saying I am not the correct person and so apologised and said I would not hear from them again. Someone has been using my details with a different gender to do credit card fraud between 2005 - 2007 by the looks of things.


    I received a CCA from Cabot about the EGG card. They have sent me a CCA from 2005 for a Female (MRS) but with my name and address. This person was drawing cash in large amounts daily from cash points. I live in a place with a mail room and there has been alot of cases of people stealing mail from them in the past.


    Any recommendations for people more knowledgeable than me. I am not used this kind of thing and I have been worrying deeply.


    As a side note the CCA looks very brief and had no mention of cash charges etc


    Thanks in advance.

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