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  1. Well all is well, Meeting was me is a small room with two recovery officers, It started with lots of listening to them with lots of yes, yes, yes. They said I could pay this current years by instalments and provided I did that I could pay the outstanding off bit by bit. I agreed, once they had looked over my income and expenditure sheet they asked how much I could afford to pay, (very little) they could see my circumstances are due to change in September. I then offered to pay a lump sum, upto now the mood was slightly hostile, I offered £2k and they were shocked .... and asked me to con
  2. Just had a call of landlord, He has a letter from council something about us having moved and not paid council tax. I get on well with him and explained that going in too see pay in the morning. Im going to see the letter later.
  3. Thanks DD for your time, i'll see how I go on. I tend to work harder and longer rather than stopping and getting paper working in order and hounding people to pay what they owe. 90% of my work are breakdowns so are unexpected costs for the customers, this then puts me in positions like I have been in for quite a while. Then you go down the refusal to provide a service till bill is paid at the risk of them getting someone else in and putting your bill at the very very bottom of the pile. But I am getting round to the thinking im better off sat at home than working for nothing or a slow pay
  4. The pre committal letter had almost £4k on it but the actual amounts are £2700 upto 31/3/13 and £1200 13/14. Im a bit confused with the way I could choose to have the meeting with the council at anytime or day ect thinking it a friendly chat through income/expenditure till I started searching on the internet about being taken into room to admit liability and then straight to court. Paying £2200/£2700 will clear me out till someone pays me, and this amount is only available due to me harassing people who owed me money which I hate doing but the pressure is on now.
  5. Hi, Im just after some advice. I've got a pre committal hearing in the morning for £4k of council tax which takes me upto 31/3/14. Im self employed and honestly have not had the means to pay, I want to pay and agree the council need the money for services but im on the bones of my bottom. I admit I have not acted on the letters but they just keep coming and putting food on table roof over head and diesel in van to earn tomorrows food ect has been priority. I have arranged this meeting tomorrow and I specified the time and day, (Friday as I have some cheques due to clear my ban
  6. Edited : Sorry think this is in the wrong section, please move. Hi to all, This is my first post here and im looking for some advice. We have already learnt lots from what has happend over the past month and wont make the same mistakes again but here goes. We have recently moved from a property which was rented through a letting agent.First rented property. We moved in the property March 08 on a years ASTA and paid a cash deposit of £800. We renewed the ASTA in March 09 for a further year. We vacated the property march 2010. There was some damage which was repaired and inspected
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