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  1. Hi, I've been working for a large plc group in retail for almost 3 years next month. Today my Assistant Manager asked I bring in my Passport/NI Card and Birth Cert. I asked why as I provided these when I joined, and as nothing has changed since then I was puzzled. I said they are on my personnel file as they were copied. Any ideas if I should be alarmed??
  2. Ethel Street. Not sure what he is looking for, none of the staff are able to read his mind. Emmzzi: I actually haven't been in since Monday due back in Saturday as in previous post he's cut my hours...I wouldn't describe myself as not assertive, I never shy from awkward conversations. Ericsbrother: I agree, to be honest I would rather fight for the role and win it fair and square than anything else.
  3. He knows, I had a meeting a few weeks ago regarding increasing my hours. He said he wished he had twenty of me to cover the store as I do a thorough good job. Yet now he's cut my hours back. Totally befuddled with the situation.
  4. Thanks Renegadeimp..When the role became available the Manager had mentioned to my Supervisor he had someone in mind i.e the lady from the other store. She said to him, but you have someone already under your nose who is ideal, to which he relied who? Not sure if he is not in tune with his own staff or focussed on this other person.
  5. Morning All, Not so much an issue, more asking for clarification. I work for a retailer plc (2.5 years) and recently a member of staff left leaving a vacancy on my department. I am already experienced and have been using ex colleagues system to keep the role afloat whilst we find a new member of staff. I have applied for the role, as I am already au fait with the role and assisted the ex colleague since I started. I applied before the deadline, I know of another colleague from another store has applied (she has no experience on the department I work), however the role has now been advertised
  6. Evening Could you put me straight on the issue of holidays. My background I work part time for a large home ware store, 3 days per week 16 hours, Monday/Thurs and Sat. My issue I need to resolve is: If I am taking some of my working days off as holiday, for instance my last time off was -working monday holiday thur back in Saturday..Was my boss within his right to ask me to work the weds of that week? To me that would mean I am not really getting a break? What is the point of taking a days holiday if I have to go in the wed so not got a few days off.? I may as well h
  7. In Southport I believe a lady who signed on briefly in March who is a single parent with two teenage children was automatically enrolled on to UC I believe it was a nightmare for her took 6 weeks to process and then they got her earnings wrong.
  8. Thanks Blondebubbles, That information has set my mind at rest.
  9. Hi Blondbubbles I informed HMRC online giving my unique code they give you once I was registered self employed. I cannot for the life tell you where that form for notifying them goes, all I got was an automated generated email confirmation from a server with a code on it saying it will be passed on and if I owe national insurance they will notify me. I suppose I just assumed HMRC per-say all spoke to one another. On the subject of Tax Credit updates, it specifically asks for PAYE and payroll detail to hand before calling them, I have never heard of this before! I changed jobs in 201
  10. Hi Ladies and Gents Yesterday I started a new part time job and ceased with my Self Employed status. I filled out the HMRC for and received confirmation last night they had received it with a confirmation number. Now I tried to get through to HMRC today, after going through the gate keeping questions it requires me to have PAYE reference and payroll number. I don't have a payroll number yet till next week. Can I still give them all the other details they require omitting the payroll number giving them next week. I just wondered if the ceasation of Self Employed would stop my Working Tax e
  11. Hi Before I speak to my local council tomorrow I wondered if you could help me with a question. I received a housing benefit review letter with two form. As a sole trader I have to fill in my expenditure form-no problem. The other form is an A/B/C form. Part of the form is asking me to send in 5 weeks pay slips or 1 month payslip. I don't have either as I am self employed and don't have pay slips. Thanks
  12. Hi Everyone, I reside in the North West and I believe only the simplest of cases will apply. I myself have CTC+WTC+CB+HB+CTB. So in my case it is a lot more complex and existing claims will be migrated in a couple of years. I have read they don't have the technology in place to deal with such case-think it was the fiscal studies body who wrote this.
  13. Hi Caggers For anyone who is self employed and claiming WTC they will be subject to scrutiny and have to prove they are effective and working. They also have to earn each week the equivalent to min wage at 24 hours. If not will be stripped of the WTC. I have heard rumourned we will be forced back on to JSA to look for better paid work. Even with UC the rule would have given us 12 months grace to make the business work to that level of profit, no such thing with this new ruling.
  14. Hi Ladies and Gents I decided to act upon a letter from Lloyds regarding a PPI claim. They sent me a letter in March and one on May advising me they consider I have a claim for PPI compensation. I sent the forms back on the 10th of June and within a week I received an acknowledgement of receipt of claim along with the literature about complaints etc. How long do Lloyds normally take to make a decision about claim applications? All previous threads relate to last year and before so nothing of any recent experiences. Thanks.
  15. Hi Ladies and Gents Not sure if anyone has any further information on the UC roll out happening in June across the North West. Could anyone tell me how it is implemented and who is affected first? I don't claim JSA as self employed but do claim WTC/CTC, HB and CTC help as a single Parent. As an existing claimant will I be back of the queue.? Thanks!
  16. Sometime ago I requested clarification regarding the removal of courtesy telephones for claimants within the JCP'S. My local MP addressed this question to IDS, now some months later I received a copy of the letter sent to my MP clarifying the situation. This is the response below. Dear John Thank you for your letter of 11 November 2013 on behalf of one of your constituents regarding the withdrawal of Customer Access Phones from the Jobcentres. I apologise for the delay in replying. There is an intention to commence the removal of the phones from the (my home town JCP) from
  17. Wow, thanks Odset. Wonder who has done this.....
  18. For the last couple of days the site 'Unemployment Movement' cannot be displayed via the links on google. Has anyone else had this problem, or has it been shut down. Great site .
  19. Hi Jady I think maybe I have read it right on HMRC that the paper deadline for this month and the end of Jan 2014 filings are for tax return 2012/2013 April 2012 to April 2013. As I only set up this Sept 2013, I may not be required. As for Tax Credits I will ring to them to clarify what they require. I'm going to ring HMRC Self Assessment just to be on the safe side. Thanks
  20. Hi Ladies and Gents I registered as a Sole Trader with HMRC on the 5th of September. Last week was able to register for Self Assessment. The question is when do I complete Self Assessment, I saw paper returns had to be in at the end of this month and online returnees given a couple or so months longer. As a newbie do I have to do my Self Assessment end of this month or the date for online returns. I will only be less than two months old if I need to do a paper return! Not much to put down.
  21. Hi, I signed off on the 5th September, it takes one week for your final JSA payment to hit the bank. I got my final payment on the 12th in the bank. As for WTC it took one week for them to send my new award and my payments should be going in to my bank tomorrow the same date my CTC goes in. Have to say hands up all interested parties, WTC, HB and HMRC (for my self employment) have been superb, very efficient. Sometimes when they act fast they should be applauded. Mind you the paperwork I have been sent today 3 pieces form the same council re HB is needing explaining. Any questions give m
  22. It was put in a unsuitable manner with the backing of a new manager who was backing her up yet he was nowhere to be seen. If someone is joining in to give advice then they should be privy to witnessing it. Don't get me wrong, if I had been full of beans and bouncing off the walls so be it I would take it on the chin. However I am at present full of cold, banging head and still feeling ropey, so believe me I am very subdued.
  23. Hi Second day of my new part time job in retail (first day was spent setting up retail outlet and visual merchandising with Directors) and a few hours in I am pulled to one side by a Manager who works fir another store who is helping out and she is with the new store manager whom I have only spoken two words of introduction to. Telling me I am need to calm down! I am making the other staff nervous and this can make the customers nervous. I cannot think for the life of me, what they are talking about. I actually am really dopey today full of cold and just getting over a gastric bug. They
  24. Hi I trawled the net all last week trying to find out how long it took for HMRC to send my UTR. I read stores of months etc. Well to my surprise it has taken just over a week! So if anyone is registering self employed perhaps this is the new lead time and not how long it was last year! So for your information it looks like HMRC have got their act together.
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