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  1. Hi, Thanks to everyone who posted a reply. Re the Mot re-test, I've been advised that since the wheels and brakes were removed to fit the new springs then the brakes should have been tested in the re-test. Vosa have been informed, also trading standards, whether it will be taken further is anyone's guess. This wasn't about financial recompense, more to stop the garage from making dangerous mistakes like this again. Since my last post, the garage picked up my car to fix the brakes and to date (Saturday) I haven't received the car back. I did receive a phone call from them to inform me that they
  2. Hi all, i'm wondering if there's anyone out there who could help. I know nothing about cars but will explain as best as I can. I put my car in for an Mot and service on Monday and got it back yesterday. It failed the mot, needing 2 rear springs, 1 front drop link and 2 rear drop links. This work was done, re entered for the mot, passed and i picked it up late yesterday afternoon (Tuesday). The total bill came to an eye watering 632 pounds which i thought was pretty steep however I paid and drove it home, a distance of about 500 yards. Later that evening i took it out for a short town run and t
  3. Hi thanks for the address. In reply to your question we received no communication from Ryanair when our flights were cancelled. We were due to fly home on the 18th and the last flight they gave us was for the 29th, which was unacceptable so that's why we had to make our own way home. We asked at the desk each time for our accomodation and meals paid, also help with travel costs to the airport and was told they weren't liable. On returning home i realise they did have the 'Duty of Care' as quoted on the regulations. I can reiterate there was no information from them, their website gave basic ad
  4. I too have had the problems experienced by others on this forum. We had 2 flights cancelled when returning to Prestwick from Majorca. Due to work commitments and my son due to sit his exams this coming week we made the decision to find our own way home, which took us 54 long tortuorous hours, one flight, 18 hour bus journey, ferry crossing and 5 subsequent coach journeys before we reached home. I am in the process of preparing a compensation form against Ryanair but have had no luck in finding an address where i can post the claim form to, i've spent hours trawling through the net and Ryanair'
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