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  1. Following a programme some months ago by Martin Lewis on PPI, I decided to check my Crap One account and wrote to them asking for a copy of my original application for the card. They did send me a copy and, guess what, I hadnt ticked the box for PPI! I then wrote back saying I felt that they indeed owed me rather a large amount back so they have sent my account to a debt collector. I have had the card since about 2003 so thats a lot of PPI payments! Another interesting one is a card I have with a tyre company. We put two new tyres on the card in about 2003 and I have been paying the minimum amount for all that time. I then thought I seemed to have been paying it for ages and getting nowhere so I wrote to them and asked for copy statements which they sent me. There are two further sets of tyres on the account and as we don't live that close to the branch anymore and use a more local different company I wrote back and asked for copies of the signed chits comfirming the transaction. Got a letter back saying the "signed chits" are only kept for one year. Surely they have to keep them for a minimum of 3 years if not 6? So, we then moved house and I have just had paperwork late from a court saying pay up. I don't understand how it can go to court if they cannot prove that the money is owed by me? Any comments would be much appreciated. Thank you PS. It is just too easy for companies to take people to court these days without any knowledge of it happening. So many people have crap credit scores these days and sometimes it is not justified. Is this one for Martin Lewis to approach? Sorry, I know this is not his web site but could this site instigate something? Cheers
  2. Oh, ok! Thank you. He was cute though but I'm showing my age now!!!!
  3. Are the postmen wearing them under their jackets!
  4. Well, carrying on with the above, I received another letter asking me to advise of a contact telephone number to BT could contact me. I can't actually remember quite what I did as toe nclosures but I sent it off to the London offices of BT addressed to The Chairman! Well, I've had a reply from teh Chairmans secretary who advises they will be looking into it. As the account has been sent to a Debt Collector, I've forwarded it back the Chairman's Office and asked him to sort it out!!!! But I still have not had a reply to my letter of October 2006! Watch this space!!!!!
  5. Getting back on my soap box!!!! adn refering to above... As the agents have been so useless from the beginning, would we have grounds to have a winge to the relevant authority, does anybody have any ideas?
  6. Thank you Sorcerer.. The door wasnt locked as we always used the bolts. The make was possible the same as the one here at the office which is a Henderson lock, wasnt a Yale and certainly not Mortice. I wrote to the agents a couple of days ago and no boubt the old *&^% was write back an unpleasant letter but I have held out on informing her that the moneys she is disputing may be held back but we should have had the rest returned. Looking at other threads that does seem to be the case. When we first moved in tothe property, the previous tenants had removed all the bits for the TV aerial and booster so that needed sorting, the outlet for the boiler had a birds nest in it and caught fire when we turned the boiler on, the boiler didnt work and we had no hot water and the chimney needed sweeping/wasnt connected properly to the log burner. To date we have still not had a copy of the signed lease. This is how brilliant these agents are. We then discovered that the dimmer switches in the kitchen and sitting room had the wrong transformer in them and should not be used and we did not an Elec Certificate either. Then, we had to arrange for the boiler to be serviced and as we did not use who they wanted us to use, will not pay the bill and now we are having to pay as he is also a friend and we cant make him wait while we dispute it with the agent. So, ina nutshell, the agents are *&^%$ useless and all we want to do is receive at least some of our deposit back, enjoy our new place which is grand and move on! I shall remove myself from my soap box now! Thank you for listening! XX
  7. I'm tempted to go on the website for the app. form and see exactly how you "tick" it. They must have a copy, surely they have to keep one by law.
  8. So an hour and half to do the work (£75) and £91 for the lock and a bit of polyfilla? I think not! I found loo brushes for £3 in Tesco's! I have asked for receipts of what needed to done. We were so busy after the move adn I arranged with the agent during the final inspection that they would do it and take it from the deposit but there is another woman in the office who is like Mini Hitler and she has taken it over. She caused us so much aggro when we lived there and intent on carrying on! We moved out on 29th December and still no deposit back! That will make you all jump up and down!!
  9. Sorry "put right" and is in fill the holes and touch up. Is it rocket science to change a lock. We lost the damn key to the back door!
  10. Just on the off chance a builder is out there or someone who could tell me how much it would cost to "put right" 6 picture hook holes and relace a lock in a door (bog standard one). Agent is trying to charge us £166 and I think thats a bit steep but please correct me I'm wrong. Also £30 for two loo brushes and two light bulbs! Thanking whoever in advance
  11. Thank you Hellhathnofury I have written a letter this weekend asking for it to be cancelled and requesting copies of all statements. I did find a letter this weekend about the PPI which was sent when I first had the card which worried me slightly as I should have picked it up then. However, the copy of the agreement clearly shows I said NO to PPI. I have also asked for them to calculate what should be returned and to advise me ASAP. How the hell do I work it out as its surely accumulative on the final balance each month! I found on another thread that someone had used 29.something % but that wouldn't take into account final balance, would it? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE SOMEBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Hi Bihoney I wrote and asked for a copy and amazingly it was sent after the second request. The reply came from Lee Powell Crap One PO Box 5283 Nottingham NG2 3YG Do try as well and let me know how you get on. Looks like I need to check the cancellation thing now. Thank you for that.
  13. I have a feeling that there is going to be a play on word with Crap One. I have noticed ( having had the card since March 2004 :-| ) that I have been charged for PPI. I wrote and asked for a copy of the original agreement. It arrived yesterday and I had clearly marked the box NO. The wording is "Please enrol me on Crap One's Payment Protection Scheme" and I ticked NO. On the statements it sais Payment Protection Insurance but it is the same thing, isnt it? This would mean refunding the money plus the interest that has been added over the months? Would I be correct here, please some help me make sure I have thought correctly. Thank you
  14. Dear Buzby, Am I correct in thinking that BUZBY was a Advertising Campaign for BT years ago? Don't tell me you work for BT... OH ^&&^%$%$% !!!!!!
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