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  1. Hello caggers! My small business failed last year, but I OWED NOTHING! Or so I thought. Even though I had cancelled all DD's online with NWB, they still managed to pay 3 to the amount of £160. I tried, in vain, to get the money repaid by the payee, but NWB said account was closed, at my request, and money could not be paid in. The payees would only pay to the account from which the money came. Finally after nearly a year, NWB relented and the money was paid back. However, they now want charges paid that were "accrued" during the dispute. They agree that all they paid out is back as was agreed, but still I get letters from their Birmingham Collections Centre demanding the charges. On phoning them I am met by a foreign accent which is difficult to understand as I have a slight hearing impediment, so get nowhere there. I have even threatened to charge them for each letter I write, they just ignore it and send another template letter. Does anyone know who in the hierarchy of NWB a letter could be addressed to that would result in my letter being read and investigated, please?
  2. Hi all, Advice please! I am in dispute with NWB over an overdraft situation caused initially by them paying 3 DD's when I had cancelled them with the Bank. Then they charged me for paying them and are now charging interest. I have written ad nauseum, but only get "template" replies that do not address my complaint. I put the account in dispute many months ago. They now threaten a default. Not bothered about the default, but are they within their rights to do so?
  3. Hi all, Recently, probably about a month ago, I read a post that used a quotation from a MP in support of fully completed & signed agreements. I can't find it! Can anyone help, PLEASE?
  4. Hello Honeybee, love your handle too! New at this site, thought i was on insurance forum. Can you direct me please?
  5. Hi Dennis, When my son in law and I looked at her car there was no visible damage at all, we took photos in support which the insurer has. We struggled to drive the car with handbrake on, so we felt it was a [problem] and told insurer so. Her insurer says she had witness who turns out to be her sister. Our problem, how do we fight it? The renewal is due next week, they have taken the ncd earned to date and increased the premium.
  6. She told them about the visit, she was advised to take photos of her car indicating damage. We took photos of her ca,r but there was no damage. we also took the advice of insurer to contacat 3rd party to ask to view car, our request was not granted by 3rd party.
  7. None at all until letter came from insurers some 4+ months later
  8. Hi all, Looking for advice on a car insurance issue. Last June someone knocked at my daughters door to say their car had rolled into another car. Daughters husband out so she asked them to call him next day. The owner of the car said we couldn't see car as it was at the garage for the repairs. All went quiet till last week when son-in-laws insurers informed him claim was to be settled. There is no photographic evidence of claim, only a family member who "witnessed" it. The cost of claim is approx £200, but this is going to increase premium by £360pa and wipe out 2 years NCD. How can we fight this? All ideas welcome!!
  9. All done as suggested. BC seem to have ignored it as have now had letter from RMA (Risk Management Alternatives - I believe) demanding payment. The THE NEXT DAY a polite letter from them telling me they have selected me as a special case and I qualify for a reduction! They are so kind aren't they!?* Propose to write back asking what amount of reduction they are offering in view of the fact they purchased the account from BC for a fraction of the balance. Wonder what they'll say?
  10. Thanks buzby, done that. Do I understand you correctly that there are other such sites where info can be sourced by the public? Obviously cant do anything about the CRA's
  11. Hello all. I've joined this thread very late, so my question may have been covered in the preceding 24 pages, somewhere! Is it possible to have entries concerning yourself excluded from the likes of 192.com??
  12. Sell the debt cf.pdf All has been quiet for a while, but today I have a letter from Caders / Mercers offshoot, telling me Bcard are planning to sell the "debt". Have tried to attach letter, for your info. Is this good thing on my part as Bcard have not supplied TRUE copy of agreement only copies of T&C's? Have put account in dispute, although Bcard say they do not accept the dispute.
  13. Greetings All, I have what I think is an interesting situation. Due to whatever I was unable to keep up payments on NWB card. we were unable to agree a plan suitable to us both, so I ceased payments. they passed it to AIC, who were CCA'd by me and they confirmed they were unable to supply and returned my fee. It was then passed to Regal, who were told to hop-it, due to the inability to obtain CAA information. But to be sure I applied directly to NWB, who have supplied the info requested. :mad2:. However, they did not respond within the 12 + 2 days. additionally they did not stamp / frank the reply so it took more time before I received it and had to pay £1.81 for that honour. QUESTION. Is the debt enforceable in view of the delay? If you can open the letter you will see they did not reply within the 12 + 2 days anyway, this by their own admission. Any suggestions, most welcome. DDNWB reply for Consumer forum.pdf
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