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  1. Thanks for the response. The dealer has since responded assuring me that all the work required on the car will be carried out but i still need to go to collect the car and it wont be ready until tuesday. Im pretty cheesed off to say the least and i have had to fork out more than £70 on insurance and garage charges for their time spent on the car diagnosing the problems. Should i demand this money be reimbursed or settle for the fact that he is going to repair all the faults???
  2. I bought a 2nd hand car on 16th April 2010 from a used car dealer. The car was MOT'd on 14th April 2010. I was unable to drive the car until 19th April due to tax/insurance etc. Whilst driving it I noticed that the battery light was flashing and so I took it to get the battery tested and was told that the alternator was sending too much voltage in to the battery and would therefore need replacing. I contacted the dealer as there was warranty and he was happy to let me have this work done but wanted to know how much it would cost first before giving the final go ahead. I took the car to th
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