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  1. Hi Rebel11 - Many thanks for your reply. Dad doing well but the stress Axa seem to be causing him affecting him so trying to take over for him so he can destress a bit. Will follow your advice and many thanks. Will the vendor of the tickets be Aer Lingus as flight booked direct with them? Many Thanks
  2. Can anyopne please HELP!! - My Mum & Dad had to cancel their trip to Ireland as my dad suffered a suspected heart attack at Manchester airport whilst waiting for the plane so couldnt travel and had to go to a local hospital. I had to recoup for him costs on the car parking at Manchester, Hire Care in Ireland & Flights with Aer Lingus. I managed to recoup costs of hire car & parking myself and the companies involved were excellent. Axa Asked for proof that my parents did not catch the flight and asked for a letter from Aer Lingus to confirm this which Aer Lingus duly supplied. Along
  3. Many thanks for all advice - Showed wife the forum and the many messages about Parking Eye etc. and she is now more 'relaxed' about sitting tight and ignoring the letters which I understand will be quite threatening. Once again many thanks for all advice!!
  4. Many Thanks!! The more I read the more I am more confident they can whistle and I will not contact them at all.
  5. Hi All - Received one of these jokers letters last week and was just about to appeal/pay when read all help on this forum. Guess the advice is just to stick it out even though the wife fretting were going to a CCJ or Bailiffs coming around. Find it hard to believe they can juts pressurise you into paying in this manner. Think will just sit tight and await the letters/phone calls etc. Dont like fact they are coming after me as registered keeper and I wasnt even in the bloody car. Many thanks for all posts!!
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