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  1. I suggest that you go to "The Ministry of Justice" and log a complaint with them. They are their regulating body. They conned me out of £2,695 and through the intervention of M.O.J managed to get a full refund. Also write a letter of complaint to Tribunal Action demanding a refund, don,t phone as they will palm you off. Yours Aye Scottie
  2. DO NOT USE THEM I have paid £2697 for a service and they have been totally useless not keeping to deadlines providing the wrong information etc. If you do use them at all DO NOT PAY UNTIL THEY HAVE COMPLETED THE WORK. I am still trying to get money back but they keep ignoring my letters, e-mails, and telephone calls. They are a member of Fields Group, just surf around the net and you will see for yourself the reputation they have. I have went to the Ministry of Justice and complained along with other organisational bodies which is the best way to deal with them.
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