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  1. Hi, I'm hoping someone might be able to help, my girlfriend's car has been sitting outside our house for a month or so, under a tree which has been dropping little buds and with it sap onto the roof of the car, so the car got pretty sticky, so after she had taken it back from the garage she took it to a hand wash to get rid of the sticky black sap as it looked bad, then took it back home, when I got home tonight I went and had a look at it, and you can imagine my horror when I saw that quite a lot of the lacquer on the top of the roof had been removed as well. big strips of lacquer have been removed and there are now big patches of damaged paint, including on the bonnet. When I complained to the carwash, he said it was our fault because the paintwork hadn't been looked after and maintained. The car has generally been looked after very well, it's an older car but only just done 50,000 miles and the only time there's ever been an issue was the sap from the tree. The guy is saying that it's our fault because the paintwork was in bad condition, something that I just don;t agree with, and anyway as far as I'm concerned they shouldn't have started it if they thought it was in such bad condition but they're saying that they couldn't see what bad condition it was because of the sap etc. Does anyone have any ideas about what to do next ? At the end of the day it happened on their property, and was done by them regardless of anything else, but they're saying it's our fault.
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