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  1. Surprise surprise.... Any one see Rip off Britain on TV now? Hundreds have had the same issues I feared when I first posted, thousands have been taken from many in exactly the same way as me. It apparently is a fraud situation they know about and are apparently looking into it. I shall get my money back, I will make damn sure of that!
  2. Hi honeybee13, I am in the process of putting together my complaint with a timeline and all the info I have.
  3. Thanks Unclebulgaria67 I guess I will just have to suffer it until I get a definitive answer from someone within our government! I do so hope this is not happening to anyone else for much larger amounts as this can and possibly will become exhausting and crippling to the pocket without recourse... Regards
  4. Good Morning all, this has become a definite thorn in my eye! For the background info I have used the original title for reference. So originally I received a letter from the DWP, I was not sure if it was real or a scam, I came here and posted, I gained lots of info and advice, I followed guides, wrote letters, sent recorded delivery, SAR etc. etc. Facts; The SAR showed there is no overpayment anywhere, I called the various departments still no justification of where this apparent overpayment came from, I received a letter to say it was cancelled, all good I thought... Then, at the end of last year, my employer sends me a letter from the DWP, DEA has arrived and must be adhered to! The amount in question is/was £200 approx, my employer without asking me, put the whole amount through on my next wages, at this stage, I am angry but none the less, I will send some more letters. I sent another letter to the same named manager at the collections for HMRC and stated, 'why have you taken this money, without proof of me actually owing this, albeit I have proved it?' He wrote back back and said it was cancelled due to covid and I must pay it, albeit I stated in the letter 'YOU HAVE TAKEN IT OUT'. Time has gone by, I have been busy and have not challenged them for my refund of this payment, only to get another letter yesterday, stating 'they cannot get hold of my employer and other measures are being taken to recover this money.....' In my original post of this a year ago, my point was, if it were £2000 and its incorrect, is this the process, just take it all and leave someone in trouble, you guys pointed me to the guide which states how much an employer should take, this was never adhered too either, This is almost gangster like in my opinion and leaves a distasteful note in my mouth and quite frankly has me beat as to what to do. So is this how it goes? If every month they send me this letter saying overpayment with no justification for any amount and they can just keep using the DEA, EVEN THOUGH IT IS INCORRECT, I DID NOT OWE THIS MONEY ANYWAY, I PROVED IT, THEY STILL TOOK IT AND THEY STILL ARE TRYING TO RECOVER THE SAME AMOUNT WHILST ESCALATING IT TOO COLLECTION AGENCIES! What do I do now? Help much appreciated
  5. Good morning all, hope all are safe and well? A final resolution to my situation, a small win in the scheme of things, but none the less a win! I received a cancellation notice of the DEA from my employee this morning, it would appear the letter I sent directly to the named manager on the original letter, took heed, I have also been through the results of the SAR and there is no mention of it anywhere, anyway, all this without a challenge (still caused stress), only the original letter from me to the named manager on the original letter, a request for a SAR (info gained from here) So I guess the moral of this short and probably boring to most, story is, DO, CHALLENGE ALL REQUESTS SUCH AS THIS, BE IT GOV. OR OTHERWISE, AT LEAST FURNISH YOURSELF WITH INFO, SARS ETC, IN ORDER TO BE EQUIPPED TO FIGHT YOUR CORNER. Also to all that may read without comment; YOU ARE NOT ALONE, THERE ARE SOME VERY SPECIAL KIND PEOPLE OUT HERE, THINKING AND FEELING FOR OTHERS - DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ASK, ASSISTANCE SOMETIMES COMES FROM THE STRANGEST OF PLACES, FROM STRANGERS WITH TRUTH AND KINDNESS TO ASSIST. Something I learned right here many years ago on the consumer action group, and again with the assistance of acquired knowledge throughout this site, it pays to be diligent! Regards
  6. Hi all, please see attached, may benefit some, as per last week all debt management collection are on hold for 3 months. Gives me 3 months to argue my corner! DEA debt deductions suspended - GOV.PDF
  7. Hey all, I hope all is well with everyone, as much as can be, in this crazy times right now. I have not commented on my topic much since Covid-19, I felt it trivial in the scope of things. Here is an update for anyone following this. I requested a SAR, which was only delivered on Friday, I have had a direct earnings attachment sent to my employer, also one was sent to my wife's employer for the exact same amount... which ultimately means the sum on the original letter is now being claimed twice! I have read the guide Andyorch directed me to and passed it on to my employer, who still seems to think the full amount must be deducted at once! I have had no response to my letters to the specific dept, stating I am on the case, so far there is no proof I even owe this money, yet they still ignore and pursue anyways... Now I am sending another letter to the named person on the letter, showing my evidence of not owing as per their own paperwork, alas, I don't think I can stop the money being given by both employers at the end of the month and there is still not one person to challenge and make them see sense, so I conclude, at this moment, if this happens to anyone it would appear once their minds are made up whether correct or not it is actioned. not actually sure where to go with this, so now, I go from what seemed to be a fairly small sum which can be managed, to twice that amount in a time where everyone has too be mindful.
  8. These lot are a joke! I have sent SAR request of which I have been sent a form to sign, also from 1 dept stating they know nothing about it, (1 nil to me) I sent all info to the said address, recorded delivery, advising them of this and the fact, I WILL PAY ONCE/IF JUSTIFIED, they then send a letter stating they are taking it from employers!!!! Ignoring all so far. Absolutely fuming. however, I shall continue.
  9. Thanks Andy, I was reluctant to call, but deal only by letter, I too have found over the years its a better way, however as per above, I tried... I will call them back with the filled SAR number and then start the letters. Your sentiments are mine exactly, to many people pay out of fear without even knowing if correct or not, the lady was quite blunt in saying, you have been sent a letter pay it! I laughed and said, its like JIM turning up at my door and says, 'you owe me money, here is the amount, pay it,' without no explanation whatsoever. Khemist
  10. Hi peoples, I have called and recorded calls, debt management say, 'YOU MUST PAY' and pretty much did not care other than that, put me through to a dept. who checked and said they do not know either as there is no overpayment on their system, put through to another dept. who said its in relation to an overpayment in tax credit from 2008, but could not tell me anymore. This time period relates to a time in my life when I found myself distressed and very depressed and I have no memories of any payments of any kind claimed for, that being said, I have filled a SAR, clearly stated to all dept. I am not ignoring, just need actual proof it was over paid. Debt management have said, I must pay anyways, regardless of any dispute I may have, this I find quite wrong but so be it, I will call them now and update them with (awaiting SAR etc) and see what they say. Thanks again all.
  11. Thanks to all, I shall call them today with the call being recorded, I may start a paper trail, just to ensure I do actually owe this money, I have filled a SAR from the government site.... FYI, only benefits I have had if any would have been the standard for my child who is 22 now! Other than that no benefits received or asked for, for at least 10 years.
  12. Hi UncleBulgaria67, thanks for your response, I shall do this, one of my initial points, for 10 years, I have had no dealings or debts with anyone! Does Statute Barred apply? Or not so being the government?
  13. Hey Ladies and Gentlemen, A very big hello to all, old and new… I have not been here for many years and I am glad to see the place is still alive and kicking... Noted some moniker’s I remember who assisted me before, still around, A very warm-hearted hello to you. I received a letter from the DWP yesterday and my wife received the same today, at first, I thought it must be one of those fraud letters I keep hearing about, but since one arrived today with my wife’s name, I am curious at least. A little history - Since joining this great forum many moons ago, where I was assisted with a situation from the good guys and girls of this forum, I have been an exceptional A1 creditworthy person, pretty much, new me, new life, etc. all for good. Why I have pointed this out is because, having had the life almost kicked out of me once with the issue that first brought me here, I have never missed a payment, fell short or foul of any creditor SINCE I JOINED!!! I kid you not…. Super straight up honest citizen and when there was any funny business, any spurious letters from companies, trying it on, I dealt with it with info accrued from here, this very forum! So, I was a little shocked/curios/wicked even lol, to get this letter. Now, when you see it, it is a small amount, however, due diligence and all, I must make certain this is all above board and with the knowledge learned over the years, I am asking for clarification and steering in any direction that may help also being what would appear to be a fairly small sum, I know, for some this could be the difference between gas/elec/food, etc. If this thread assists others, that would be my point over not knowing what to do. Q.1 Being HMRC/DWP can I start with a letter,(not trusting phone calls) recorded delivery, with; 'DEBT IN DISPUTE' On the top? Q2. Does Statute Barred apply to HMRC/DWP? Q3. Subject access request? Thanks, the forum's first answer was on your sticky note, top-line pertaining to .Gov SAR free. Once requested will this hold the time until this has been received and reviewed, as you will note the date, they want an answer, by the 19th of March (This wound me up, what if it were £2000 they were asking for!) Q4. DO I TREAT THIS AS ANY OTHER DEBT, I BELIEVE I DO NOT OWE OR KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT? Lastly, shall I just pay it, if it is real, is it worth the hassle? I do not 'just have' the money to throw away, especially as I have tried my hardest to ensure, I DO NOT OWE ANYTHING, TO ANYONE, APART FROM THE USUAL BILLS, OF WHICH I PRETTY MUCH PAY IN ADVANCE… Thanks 2020-02-27 DWP letter re owing and DEA threat..pdf
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