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  1. I've had to leave it a short while before posting because I was raging after speaking to the 5th advisor this evening who had called just 15 minutes or so after the last call I took! The calls are not for me (makes a change) but on each call I have stated that I will get the person they are asking for to call them back. I have managed to refrain from being abusive but they really did get up my nose. Apparently HSBC inform me that they are allowed to call up until 21:00:shock: Not in my house they're not! I have a two year old son who is a nightmare to get to sleep at the best of times without these dipsticks calling. I instructed the last two advisors to send a letter, the very last one who called moments before 21:00 agreed that he would do this but calls are made automatically so there may be more??? Is the 21:00 rule correct? When does a caller qualify as being harrassing? I know that this call is regarding a credit card account with HSBC that was first taken out 5-6 years ago. The holder of the account wants to do everything they can in order to pay the debt off and doesn't fancy going through the whole proceedure of ensuring all the agreements etc. are in place and valid. Could anyone please assist with the best route to follow please Many Thanks:)
  2. Agreed, It was this number that contacted me after my email to them and the people on the end of the line did not have a UK accent. More Americanised so since hearing about the call centre in India I would must definitely believe this to be the case too. Some place they have built there I must say:mad:
  3. I think I've just answered my own question about the signature concern I will just have to wait for my scanner to arrive next week http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/digitalsignature.php
  4. With regards to the address in the above, I presume that I do not include this as I have had 3 addresses since the one they have on record? Also, It has been advised that I DO NOT sign so do I ignore this and just print? I have recently been receiving calls from the HFO 0203 number, a mobile number and PRIVATE NUMBER... Unfortunately I only answer to the numbers stored in my phone (which is PAYG) and there have been no messages left so I'm not entirely sure who could be trying to call me???? I suppose if it persists I can always put 1 of my other sim cards in;)
  5. The only letter I have ever received from HFO was this one very recently which was the reason I registered with the forum I already have a photobucket account that gets heavily used so there is no problem there. I am hoping to have a scanner by Tomorrow. That is very good advice about the envelopes, I will pick up a large box file for storing EVERYTHING from this moment on.
  6. :lol I've read your thread and I can confess that my ability is far beyond your capability but I can read and write albeit it with a few spelling issues from time to time This is starting to make more sense now. 1) Sainsburys 2) Sainsbury's/RBOS Solicitors 3) sale of the debt to Roxburghe So the SAR to Sainsbury's is £10, no problem I can arrange that I will get on this immediately.
  7. Sainsbury's gave me the details of Blair Oliver and Scott, the debt was initially passed on to them. When I contacted Blair Olicer & Scott they gave me the details for Roxburghe Int PLC All these details were given in telephone conversations.
  8. Couple of queries. That was the information passed on to me via telephone call by the Company that had purchased the debt from Sainsbury's Bank This again was details passed on by the company that sold the debt to them. I really can't remember sending any money and at the time I was not aware of there being a CCA request format, I think I just went in off the cuff after reading something??? Would the appropraite route be now to send an SAR to Sainsbury's Bank, Blair,Oliver & Scott and Roxburghe Int PLC and see what comes back?
  9. Okay, I've just found a copy of the letter that I sent to the Company that I never heard back from;) I've had to copy and paste this straight from my computer because I do not as yet have a scanner That has saved me a telephone call
  10. Thanks for joining the thread BA I have just sent an email to Consumer Direct making them aware of this situation to see what they come back with What is the best option to start with? Proof of "Notice of Assignment" or straight in with the Consumer Credit Agreement letter as advised in an early post? I have the CCA addressed to HFO ready so if that's the favourable route then I shall pick up a Postal Order tomorrow and send it recorded delivery.
  11. I imagine that if one was issued it went to the address that I had vacated:???: I'm just off to pick up some printer paper so that I can get letters written up and ready to send off:cool:
  12. I have found letters from Sainsbury's Bank referring to a default notice 28th October 2006 This was around the time where my previous relationship had ended and lost my job and ended up having to agree to selling the house that I owned with my ex. HFO sounded most disappointed when they were informed that the house was no longer in my ownership:?
  13. Thank You all for you advice The only letters I have received at the address I am currently staying at is the one that I have posted the contents to. HFO Capital??? Now did they just used to be called Capital? I've been chased by them before for a different debt IIRC;) Is this just a case of writing a letter and sending them a copy of the letter that I have received? As for the threats? Half of Nothing still equals NOTHING:( HFO Services appears to have moved its operations to Roxburghe. Which is odd, as the OFT CCA register states its main business place as India! Well I know Sainsburys sold the debt on to someone and they sold it on to another company who have no information on the debt at all and referred me back to the previous company who have confirmed that they no longer have any interest in the account:confused I think I'm going to have to start with Sainsburys and build a timeline of my account history and who exactly has had dealings with it and who OWNS the account now. Is the ERROR on the account of any real significance? The name that I have letters and statements for is not just a single typo error on one statement? Letter will be my only route, telephone calls can usually end up in being twisted and I don't have anything to record my calls with at the moment I have only received the one letter. I have not been at the addresses that they have on record for well over 3 years. The two companies that I had been given names to by Sainsburys did not IIRC resemble any of the names that I have seen associated with HFO The first I heard of this was on this forum which is the reason I registered . I'm not entirely sure but it was over 4 years ago . Idiots is a term that I would also use:D DonkeyB Should I engage in talks via email with HFO? or everything in the posted and recoreded letter? I really appreciate everyones assistance Regards HF whO?
  14. The only thing I have done so far is register and activate my account on here8) That is one epic thread, I wonder what joy I can expect as my debt of 10'ish thousand pounds is just a touch more than they were chasing VJ for:p Seems I may be spending a little time here looking at that thread;-) I look forwars to making some new friends:cool:
  15. I'm just in the process of reading the VJ V's thread;) I'm currently unemployed so this could become a little project of mine lol Out of interest, should I be contacting Sainsburys to find out who they sold to and dates etc?
  16. Sorry Charlie, as per the letter heading it is: HFO services Address: HFO services Limited PO Box 342 West By Fleet Surrey KT14 6YX
  17. I laughed and said that almost beats going to work:lol: They can get in the que as far as I am concerned but I did inform them that I would be seeking legal advice which lead to a change in tone and informing me that that would lead them with no alternative but to pass the case on to their legal team. I'm really appreciative of this forum as the information that I have read on here is extremely useful and I look forward to posting my progress
  18. Thank You Scott. Thank You for your help, I am definitely going to do as you advise. I don't think that this company have the proper authorisation to chase this because I have been approached by numerous other debt collection agencies in the past regarding a lot smaller amounts. I also think that perhaps the name error may have something to do with it? Going back last year I approached Sainsbury's bank and they told me the debt had been passed on, contacted the agency and they told me it had been passed on AGAIN. Contacted them and... No knowledge whatsoever. I went back and forth a couple of times and then decided to write a letter to both companies asking them to confirm that they had no interset in the debt. One company was kind enough to write back and I heard nothing from the other. I believe this debt is not enforceable and HFO are trying it on. I look forward to doing exactly as you have recommended and report back with any details that I receive regarding the matter. Thank You for your assistance, I could've really used this site going back when my previous relationship went belly up and I was being chased for money. Regards HF whO?
  19. I recently received a letter from HFO regarding a debt that I had outsatnding with Sainsbury's bank. Letter was dated 16th April 2010. I have since received calls advising me how I should be claiming benefits (Up to 500 a month apparently?) so that some of this can go towards my outsanding balance. I asked for a copy of the Credit Agreement and the comment was this can be arranged ny myself going to HBOS and asking for it?!? I've basically told them that half of nothing still equalls nothing, I have no personal items and if they wish to take it to court then that is fine by me because I also owe other creditors and am not in a position to be able to make a commitment with just one creditor. I also know that there has been a name error made on my account which has even been recorded on experian as "Also may be known as". This agreement started in 2003! I wasn't convinced by their tactics which made me google HFO and had brought me here. Regards
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