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  1. I now have two envelopes sat in front of me that are addressed and awaiting Postal Orders! SAR to HBOS and a CCA to HFO Services Limited Once these have been sent in the morning I shall set about photocopying the letters I have received and write some complaint letters to the appropriate bodies;) Any help regarding what to write to the OFT, Trading Standards and Solicitors Regulation Authority would be greatly appreciated:D
  2. Well, I've just printed off the SAR to HBOS and decided to the credit card account number AND the roll number of my bank account too in the hope that I can kill two birds with one stone;) Just about to do a CCA for HFO Services now
  3. Can I SAR Blair, Oliver and Scott? They seem to hold all the information but won't or cannot provide me with the contact or address to SAR Sainsbury's? If so I am going to print off the letter along with a CCA to HFO Services so I can send it in the morning
  4. That should have been taken care of in my edit? When I call sainsbury's you cannot proceed without entering the 16 digit number. I've even tried getting around this by going through customer services but they can only provide an email address to which you so say receive a telephone call back?
  5. As I was trying to sort out Signature I have missed the Post Office. This does give me time now to get all of my letters together and hopefully sent at the same time though. I have also subbed to Vanessa's thread and have noticed that there are a few more details there that may also apply to me? 1 So, am I correct in addressing my Sainsbury's Bank SAR to the Data Controller for Bank Of Scotland? ADDRESS for Data Protection Act S.A.R. DSAR Team 10 Carlton Street Halifax HX1 2AL 2 CCA Request to HFO Services Limited 3 Complain to Trading standards and Office of Fair Trading about the letters sent by HFO Services AND Turnball Rutherford Solicitors 4 Complain to Solicitors Regulation Authority regarding Turnball Rutherford Solicitors Regards
  6. Thank You very much:cool: I've given up on the forum anti-tamper signature idea though! Tried uploading signatures and something isn't working out:mad: What is the law regarding the signatures we put on the letters we send please? Obviously we don't want to run the risk of our paw prints being lifted now do we;) Regards
  7. Unfortunately not:( I know I have to back all this up in writing. I'm struggling to find the correct address to send the SAR for Sainsbury's. I cannot get to speak with them direct because everytime my account number is added it takes me to Blair, Oliver and Scott. Does anybody know of the correct person/address to send this to please? Regards
  8. The address and telephone number that I was first given by Blair, Oliver and Scott is Roxburghe PLC Roxburghe House Lavender Park Road West By Fleet Surrey KT14 6NA 0870 744 62 48 HFO Services Limited PO BOX 342 West By Fleet Surrey KT1 6YX They must nearly be neighbours
  9. Well I've been on the telephone to yet another helpfull Blair, Oliver and Scott advisor and they have checked their records on the system and are happy that the debt was sold to Roxburghe. I am awaiting a call back now from the debt sales team to confirm this and I will ask for this in writing. When calling the Roxburghe number they don't actually say WHO they are when they answer the call or when the automated messages kick in. I agree this is definitely affiliated somehow with the others. I managed to speak with a very dull character on the end of the line after the first one managed to cut me off? and they have checked their records after doing a post code search and name search and are happy that they do not have my records:rolleyes: I chased this up a couple of years ago and this is the exact same wall that I hit back then. Debt passed to Roxburghe - Roxburghe don't have any details??? I think I need to send a request into this Roxburghe mob and see what action they decide to take. I'm guessing that I will never receive anything back from them;) Which request would be the one to send them though?
  10. I have called back again and spoke to another VERY helpful advisor and have found out the exact date that the credit agreement was taken out, the exact date that it was passed onto Blair, Oliver and Scott and the exacct amount that had been sold to (AND I CONFIRMED SPELLING, TELEPHONE NUMBER AND ADDRESS) Roxburghe PLC. I have tried calling Roxburghe PLC on the number provided (which is the only number Blair, Oliver and Scott have) and an automated message saying that the number is not in service is given. I called a 118 service and the Company name and address that I provided apparently uses an EX-DIRECTORY telephone number??? WTF??? I smell a rat!
  11. UPDATE! Just telephoned Saninsbury's bank and went through the automated procedure and once I had entered my 16 digit account number my call was immediately forwarded to Blair, Oliver and Scott. I spoke with a young lady who came accross very helpful and said that the debt was sold to Roxburghe PLC on 8th July 2008. I also asked when the credit agreement was taken out and I was informed that I need to contact Roxburghe PLC and they will have access to that information? I think I need to make a quick call;)
  12. Thank You, That is why I missed it:p Really appreciate you pointing that out:cool:
  13. I shall add that to my "To Do" list Regards
  14. Here is a scanned version of the first letter I received which brought me to this wonderful forum.
  15. Sorry I missed your reply, Thank You kindly:)
  16. I have just copied the sar letter and have realised that the address that I currently reside at is going to be different to the one that they have on their records. What is the best thing to do here? Should I just send them a copy of the letter that Turnball have sent me because that has all of the relevant details on it?
  17. I will print off the SAR now and get over to the Post Office to include the £10 Postal Order and send recorded Today. What do I need to send to HFO? Do I need to write a letter back toTurnball? Regards
  18. Please can you explain CPR against HFO? I need to build a list of IMMEDIATE things to do. Number 1 is to SAR Sainsbury's. I can get this done Today
  19. Well I started with all great intentions but as the storm calmed it got filed to the back of my mind I have a small amount of funds that I can spare for this now though so I will do it immediately:oops:
  20. Well the calm had stormed and the concern wandered away without action from me only to turn around and bite me on the arse! As advised I have scanned a copy of a letter I have received Today and I have scanned and kept the envelope also. One thing I am actually unsure of from this letter is WHO the money is now owed to because we have HFO, HFO Services and HFO Capital all mentioned in the same letter???
  21. Thanks Essemess, I think everyone is off frying bigger fish:razz:
  22. Here is a copy of the lovely letter I received from Halifax Today. Any advice very much appreciated
  23. honehe, that really is great news. Hope you are up and running again very soon:D
  24. So if a debt is approaching statute barred then what is the best course of action if a DCA decides to chase it then? The way I understand it is that the debt could almost be statute barred but due to a DCA getting in touch with you and you going through the usual CCA/SAR approach you've just shot yourself in the foot and given the DCA another 6 years to harrass you for a debt that you'll probably never see a genuine CCA for???
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