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  1. Right, I have found the material that I knew I had read here So they can have two letters, the above AND the "Account in Default" letter
  2. On the final day of the 12+2 Metropolitan have produced! Not what I asked for but a response nonetheless The letter that was sent was signed by my other half but not using her usual signature. I asked that she sign it with her first, middle and surname in her own hand writing. This was completed and sent recorded with the £1 postal order. As they have not complied with the request I am now going to proceed with the "Account in default" letter. Can anyone think of any reason as to why I shouldn't do this? I'm sure I have also seen information on here that advises on such tactics used by these collection agencies so I'm off to search
  3. Poorly since becoming unemployed and mostly only getting agency cover work What default notice? To date I've never received one despite requesting one. I made the mistake of telephoning them but I did take the name of the person I was speaking with and recorded the name etc The two deposits of £100 that you may have noticed were made by having to sell items just to pay off the charges. Now I have nothing and am unable to pay! Daylight and legalised robbery!
  4. Here is a termination letter that I received on the 14th June 2010 I contacted them to explain that I have never received a default notice and was reassured that it would be resent and received no later than Monday 21st June. Still no default notice to this date but I have received a letter from Albion Collections Ltd on the 30th June 2010. Despite the termination of the credit agreement AND passing on to a collection agency I was shocked to see that on the same date as the letter from Albion was created Halifax had added a further £155 worth of charges!!! I would really appreciate some urgent guidance regarding this matter. Regards
  5. 18th June Well, I do believe that Today is the last day of the 12 working days. Only 2 working days remaining? I wonder if the Postman will bring any letters from HFO Today?
  6. Well there was a chance that the letters may have passed in the post but a response still has not been received and if I'm correct at the end of Today that will be the end of the 12 working days so just the +2 to go:D The calls have stopped;)
  7. Still no reply to the CCA that was sent but another letter has been received Today from Metropolitan Collection Services - Dated 21st June 2010:???: I think a letter saying " I acknowledge your letter dated 21st June 2010 but would like to draw your attention back to my letter including a £1 Postal Order for requesting the Consumer Credit Agreement dated blah blah blah" Unless anyone thinks I should write something different? Regards
  8. Actually it's three but who's counting:D I will be reporting them for sure and as I have sent the CCA to HFO and there is nothing saying that I must contact them then I shall keep filing away their letters as evidence
  9. Here is the letter that I received from HBOS Today. I'd be grateful if somebody could cast their eye over the part I have highlighted as I have not seen this mentioned in any other threads?
  10. Here is the letter that I now have three copies of from Turnball
  11. I received three letters Today. The first was from Turnball was a letter dated and post marked the 21st June 2010 and was an exact replica (excluding date) of the last one they sent me! The second was from... Turnball and... was ANOTHER letter with the exact same content as the other delivered Today which was exactly the same as the other two:D I'm putting this down to them trying to scare me:rolleyes: Sorry HFO, you're in countdown so provide the goods or go away!!! I also received a letter from HBOS which I shall upload in just a moment
  12. Sorry guys I keep forgetting about the scales:(
  13. I've just checked the progress of the CCA Request sent to HFO services and it was delivered before 08:23 Today So HFO Services Limited, I guess this is where your 12 + 2 begin;)
  14. The only name coming back from HBOS at the moment is Roxburghe. I have spoken with 4 different people at BOS and they have all given me the same information. I guess it's just a matter of waiting for the material to come back to be confirmed in writing?
  15. Just received a call and it seems that the SAR to HBOS has started to be processed already:)
  16. After speaking with Halifax Retail Bank Collections I was passed on to Halifax Head Office. The reason for my call was because I received a letter of Termination referring to a default notive that I have never received? I was told on a previous call to check my online records and there was nothing. Today Head Office told me that it seems that it has been sent as an email but that it shouldn't have because it's a Legal Document? I am just about to scour through my emails to see if I can find anything. I have been told that I should expect to receive the Default Notice by Monday. Does anyone have any advice of suggestions as to how to handle this situation please?
  17. Have you had any joy with this yet honehe?
  18. I've still been thinking over this and whilst I have sent a SAR to HBOS I'm now wondering if I should send a CCA to Sainsbury's Bank plc @ EC1N 2HT? Obviously my main objective is to find out exactly who the debt is owed to. The Blair, Oliver & Scott debt sales team have received an instruction from one of the advisors that I spoke with yesterday. I was told that THEY will be able to tell me for certain who the debt was sold to.
  19. Received a letter Today from Halifax Terminating my Credit Agreement! Does this mean that charges must stop being added to my account or are they likely to continue? The account in question has now been taken to £269 overdrawn:mad:
  20. The debt was passed on to Metropolitan Collection Services Limited who have also been calling on a regular basis so they have now been sent a CCA request! £1 Postal Order and Sent recorded delivery I also included the part about the harassing calls;)
  21. £10 Postal Order enclosed with SAR to HBOS and sent recorded delivery! £1 Postal Order enclosed with CCA request to HFO Services Limited and also sent recorded delivery! I am just about to scan all proof and file away ready for when it's time to produce. My next step will be to write my complaint letters
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