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  1. Agreed, do everything by letter. Unfortunately I wasn't in the best of moods at the time and had not seen the letter immediately.
  2. I must admit I have had a few occasions where they have caught me off guard on a bad day:p Halifax a while back for something like 73 quid... Companies chasing me for thousands and they're worried about 70 odd bloomin quid! Muppet's:grin: You always end up chuckling. I particularly like it when they tell me not to swear or they'll hang up lol lol lol They call US on OUR PRIVATE Numbers asking for money that we don't have and expect not to be sworn at??? and like I'LL be bothered if THEY hang up:grin: I can think of a few words to express my views regarding this matter:lol:
  3. I had Halifax tell me that they were sending a representative to my house to discuss my situation with me and after reading various posts on the forum it became clearly obvious that they cannot do this, they have absolutely no right to step one foot on your property and if they do without your permission then they are trespassing. I telephoned Halifax and told them that their representative was not welcome and should in no uncertain terms visit my premisses. I never did get the visit;)
  4. Is this the CCA Request that you sent? along with the £1 Postal Order?
  5. What you have been sent does not comply with what you have requested which they are obliged to do BY LAW. Is it for a credit card/loan or current account? I ask because I think I've read somewhere this evening that a CCA for a Bank Account is different? Please forgive me if this is incorrect but I am new to this myself;) I would say that if you have waited the 12+2 WORKING DAYS to be sent the CCA and they have not delivered then you need to send the account in dispute letter Hope this helps
  6. Sounds like a serious breach of the Data Protection Act so I would seriously look into reporting the said Bank. Also, what is the name of the Debt Collector? When was the original debt taken out? I'm new to this myself but hopefully someone with more knowledge will be browsing soon enough;)
  7. Perhaps the Application Type will be similar to the one a Particular debt collector decorated my file with? "Customer Management" I am no customer of theirs:mad:
  8. Well I've been thinking about this now. I seem to recall one payment of about £8 being outstanding and I could no longer to afford to pay. I'm sure I have a couple of letters somewhere??? I was paying £10 a week and I'm wondering if they've just done this as I could not pay the very final instalment?
  9. I've had a heads up from another member and in a round about way I think it was indicated that the answers ARE in the forum so get reading! Hopefully members will continue to view and jump in if they feel that I am about to make a mistake;) First step I believe is to get the lowells default corrected as the status is showing DEFAULT as opposed to SATISFACTORY. The amount is showing as satisfied but all the other accounts that are clear are showing SETTLED. With the remaining creditors that are decorating my file with defaults I am going to fire in some CCA requests and see what replies come back. Thanks for viewing:D
  10. I shall post an update as and when I receive one:wink: Since reading threads/posts on this forum I no longer ignore telephone calls, In fact I become quite disappointed when it's not someone asking for money:lol:
  11. I've just renewed my Credit File membership to see what horrors are lurking:rolleyes: Now I am hoping that somebody could kindly offer some advise:grin: First is Lowell Portfolio: Defaulted on 10-04-2007 Default Satisfied 28-02-2010 Current Balance - Satisfied When looking at this log it appears at a glance that it is a defaulted account. Is there anyway of having this removed now that the Current Balance is Satisfied? Here are a few more Defaults. Link Financial (MBNA) Started: 16-02-2005 Defaulted on: 01-03-2007 File Updated: 04-07-2010 Cabot Financial (UK) Ltd Defaulted on: 20-04-2007 File Updated: 02-09-2007 RBS Credit Cards Started: 03-12-2005 Defaulted on: 22-01-2007 File Updated: 06-06-2010 Natwest Credit Cards Started: 03-12-2005 Defaulted on: 30-01-2007 File Updated: 06-06-2010 MINT Started: 01-09-2005 Defaulted on: 19-05-2007 File updated: 06-06-2010 I would like to firstly add that I am under no illusion that these debts can ever be written off. I would very much appreciate some advice that will help in dealing with matters with my best interest in mind rather than the creditors. Would it be a case of sending CCA requests to them all and starting a battle to see if any of them are unenforceable? I've not received letters for the above for some time now but this doesn't mean that it will stay this way so I'm wondering if the best course of defence is in fact attack:grin: I have NEVER received ANY default notices for ANY default registered on my file. When my situation went pear shaped I was moving around a lot. Not like my current situation with Halifax where I just haven't received the notices despite them being sent twice - APPARENTLY! Thanks in advance:)
  12. I've just renewed my credit file membership and it appears that this account that HFO SERVICES LTD are chasing does not even appear? My file also shows that HFO SERVICES LTD have visited my account on three separate occasions too? Searched on: 29-01-2010 Searched by: HFO SERVICES LTD Application Type: Customer Management Searched on: 17-02-2010 Searched by: HFO SERVICES LTD Application type: Customer management Searched on: 16-03-2010 Searched by: HFO SERVICES LTD Application type: Customer management
  13. Just to confirm that no more calls are being received, a signature is not required and the account is now in dispute
  14. Account In Dispute letter was signed for on the 13th July 2010:-)
  15. Well if I was in a position where I thought that I wouldn't be able to pay back the borrowed money then I would have never have taken it in the beginning? Unfortunately circumstances change. Not sure that I would be boasting about supplying incorrect information though, surely that's against the law:p Anyway, the Account in Dispute letter was signed for on the 14th July 2010 (Today)
  16. Ooooo, I didn't realise you could do that? Thanks for the heads up:D
  17. Account In Dispute letter was sent First Class Recorded Today and the receipt FILED for future reference;)
  18. Well it didn't go Friday as I anticipated but it was sent First Class Recorded Today and receipt FILED for future reference. HFO Services = Account In Dispute!!!
  19. Is it correct that all traffic wardens and vehicle clamper's were bullied as children
  20. No Post and HFO Services 12+2 days have now expired! The Account In Dispute letter has been printed off ready for sending. Unfortunately Friday is the earliest that I can get it sent:(
  21. Thanks Rayne, I am under no illusion that this debt becomes written off;) Thanks for that link, I have constructed a letter using the Refused CCA due to NO SIGNATURE letter and the Account in default letter from the Debt Collectors Library. I cannot send the letter until Friday now anyway so I shall just put Fridays date on it and use "Now in default" rather than stating the exact date that I believe the account entered default;) Thanks to everyone for your help, I will post up when I have posted the letter
  22. I have been trying to go by this I don't want to get the date wrong and then find that I lose out due to a "technicality" In fact, come to think of it. Why do I need to even put the date? 12+2 working days has been allowed for regardless. I'm just informing them that the account is NOW in dispute:D Here, I've left it as this for the time being;)
  23. I sent mine to the PO Box address. Be sure it goes recorded and you can check online when it has been signed for:cool: Have you read any of the other HFO threads? I think you'll be surprised at how many there are and all the things that you need to do are documented which means you can fast track yourself along the procedure rather than await replies;) I would like to say that so long as you do as these guys on here advise then you are in good hands and your confidence will find new levels.
  24. lol My letter was dated and posted on (14:40) 16th of June 2010, it was signed for on the 18th June 2010. The way I understand it is that the +2 (working days) is to allow for 1 day postage there and back? So this means that the default date would be??? 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 7th July 2010? End of Today??? Or... Is the 8th???
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