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  1. Thank You kindly, for your very informative posts. I particularly like I shall keep you posted. Thanks again:cool:
  2. Could somebody be kind enough to browse over the contents I have added to this letter and post an opinion please? Also, perhaps somebody may be able to advise who I should direct my letters to as I believe that the amount is very unfair because it was bank charges applied to my account that took me overdrawn, and charges on top of these charges that have lead to this total? Many Thanks
  3. Oh Joy, oh joy don't we just love telephone calls from DCA's at 11:13 on a Sunday morning after already instructing that communication will only be done in writing. I am now going to reprint my letter that I sent recorded delivery on the 15th July 2010 along with the letter addressing "Harassing telephone calls" It still amuses me that when they call they ask you to confirm your details, I refused on this occasion. When I mentioned that I will only discuss my finances in writing the lady on the end of the phone said that they have sent me letters and not had a reply and that they are just trying to resolve the situation. Funny isn't it, THEY load MY account with charges and terminate my agreement and then expect me to reply to PAY NOW template crap that they send through my door? If I was in a position to pay anything the account wouldn't have got into debt in the first case.... FRICKING MUPPET'S!!!! I think I'll leave it a little while before attempting to construct any type of reply:)
  4. I think I ought to reword this statement as it may be misleading.
  5. Subbing Due to three recent searches on my Expirian File I would like to know what searches can be carried out and by who:)
  6. http://www.consumerforums.com/resources/templates-library/86-debt-collectors/576-subject-access-request-debt-a-dca I didn't sign mine with my usual signature. Also look at this template:) http://www.consumerforums.com/resources/templates-library/86-debt-collectors/572-debt-letter-when-company-refuse-cca-due-to-no-signature-
  7. You do not have to sign, I will dig out and post up a link for you
  8. Thanks for your reply. This account does not even come up on one of my credit searches:confused: Also, I am not being chased by the company that have bought the debt Regards
  9. I am now in receipt of written evidence that proves 100 percent that HFO Capital DID NOT buy the debt!!!!!!! I have more cards to play but I am not prepared to reveal these at this moment in time;) HFO have not contacted me in any way shape or form for some time now which can only mean that they are up to no good IN MY OPINION.
  10. I have tried using the search function but I have not found anything covering this. If anybody knows of a particular thread that does cover this then please could you post up the link for me:cool: I have recently been shown documentation that clearly shows that a debt has been WRITTEN OFF but then SOLD to a DEBT COLLECTOR TWO MONTHS LATER:confused: Is this standard procedure? I thought that once a debt was written off then it was WRITTEN OFF:confused: :confused: Many Thanks in advance:)
  11. Thanks, just thought that I would double check first:D
  12. I don't think they have the signature any more either. If they have not replied within another 12+2 working days then I shall write again demanding that they return the money/ Thanks for your help
  13. Just a thought? MINT, RBS Credit Cards and NATWEST Credit Cards wouldn't happen to fall within the HBOS group would they??? I have an SAR already being taken care of by HBOS at the moment.
  14. Thanks dx, I will do that. Is it not supposed to be included as part of the information that they supply anyway? Or is this just reinforcing this part of the request? I think so too:D It's going to cost the recorded post plus £3 in Postal Orders anyway so I may as well do the one Postal Order for £10 plus the recorded post. Hopefully KILL 3 birds with 1 STONE:cool: I have just drafted a very short letter to the CRA too. I have never had to do anything like this before so I have decided to keep it very short and simple. Would someone please be kind enough to agree that they think it will do the job? Short and simple:D Like me:p
  15. I have just noticed that RBS Credit Cards, Natwest Credit Cards and MINT are all listed at the same address so I am now wondering if it would be more worthwhile sending a SAR listing all three accounts?
  16. I received a letter this morning dated the 10th July. Does anybody else believe that this letter looks threatening and should be reported? I wrote a reply immediately and it has already been sent first class recorded (15-07-2010 13:06) I used this template to base my reply on Also, what is the best plan of attack/defence here? Obviously I need to pay an amount back but I feel that I have been severely mistreated in all this. I believe that the charges are very unfair and basically taking the urine out of someone that is in financial hardship? The complete amount outstanding is due to BANK CHARGES that have been applied at the ridiculous daily rate. The first default notice referred to in the termination letter was never received. The second default was never received. Despite the account being terminated charges are still being applied??? Thanks in advance
  17. So with regards to the Lowell Portfolio entry I should contact the Credit Reference Agency making reference to this? I do believe that the entry is incorrect because the current balance is listed as being Satisfied but the account is still displayed visually as an account in default? Thank You very much for your assistance:wink:
  18. I think the problem I am finding hard to understand is "WHY, if the balance of an account has been satisfied, does it still appear as an account in default"? Yes it was defaulted due to [8] plus payments missed but it is satisfied now??? I believe that this recording on my file is being displayed incorrectly AND may be adding more negativity to my already very colourful file? Also, let me try to make you aware that I am hoping to start to turn things around in the near future and want to get my credit file clear of all negatives. Now obviously I'm happy to pay off all outstanding balances BUT provided of course that I am the person that owes that debt AND that they have the required documentation. I have not put up with all the sh*t that I have had to deal with over the past how ever many years due to falling into bad times just to turn around and shout "anybody want some money then come and get it now"!!! I always have worked hard for everything I had in the past and I had to give it all up (NOT through my choice). Now I am going to have to work so much harder just to get back on track and I don't see why I should pay anyone that is unable to produce the legally required documentation. Does this sound fair or make my position any clearer???
  19. Next is to send the Account in dispute letter then from what I have read but this is only so long as 12+2 working days have passed;) Once this is done the debt becomes unenforceable until such time as they can provide the required documentation. Unfortunately it sounds as though there is bit of a game to be played with the agencies as they either pass on the debt and you start again or you receive threatening letters threatening court action. I'm just going to keep pumping them with reminders and then if worst comes to worse start charging them for letters as advised in a post in another one of your threads:D The way I'm going to look at it is it may cost me X amount in postage but that is still X amount they won't be getting until such time as they fulfil the request in full:cool:
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