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  1. No Notice of Assignment has ever been issued to date but I suppose they may still be waiting for the ink to dry;)
  2. A quick google search has revealed these contact details so I guess this is where I start http://www.justice.gov.uk/contactus.htm
  3. I love the way that the letters I receive are always addressed to Mr HF whO? but at the start of the letter it then starts Dear sir/madame Their attention to detail is P*** poor just like the rest of their service these days! I used to rate very highly until I became unemployed and fell victim to the recession due to the particular sector I work within
  4. Thanks for clearing that up BB, that makes much more sense now:D With regards to the details above, do I disclose all of this to to Catherine Blackburn or is this just the action I am going to take if she confirms that she has replied to the correct person? I'll post up the most recent letter from Albion in a moment. I suppose for my benefit I still ought to write a reply to them
  5. Thank You sillygirl1 for always helpful posts, What is the best way of contacting the ministry of justice please? Kind Regards HF whO?
  6. As a result of my DSAR and a confirmation letter being sent from HBOS I am more than happy to defend the claim. My thoughts are that the small amount displayed on the claim form and the removal of the juicy amount gives the impression that a huge mistake has been made on their behalf and urge a very prompt payment to be made giving the impression that is the end of it but in fact by making that small payment admission of the whole alleged amount has just been admitted. Perhaps I'm totally wrong but it always pays to look more closely as I have learnt on here;) Besides, they do not own the debt!!!!
  7. Despite there being no response to my CCA request and the account since entering into Default I am now in receipt of a Claim Form from the CCBC dated 19th August 2010. I am happy that evidence from my SAR to HBOS proves that HFO have zero claim to the debt that claim they have a right to and could do with assistance in filling out my defence form. This situation appears to be very similar to those documented in VJ's Barclaycard/HFO thread. PS VJ, your message box is full;) Any help would be much appreciated.
  8. Subbing with interest due to similarities in circumstances. My account is so say owned by HFO but I have proof through my SAR to HBOS that the account was actually sold to another Company on a different date
  9. Wow that sounds Brutal... I like it May I ask what deadlock letter is please? I've received yet another letter from Albion this morning:-x
  10. This is the bit that is p***ing me off though because I have been replying to their letters and even sending them back recorded first class delivery???
  11. Seems I was right Bring it on!!! Interesting to see that they say that the Notice of Assignment was issued? Amount left blank?
  12. Not a dickie bird but I'm sure they'll be along sooner than later. I expect they're cooking something up as we speak:rolleyes:
  13. Perhaps I should address my next letter to Blair Oliver and Scott warning them not to contact me when they receive my file and just fast track this to court where I will produce my replies to their letters and provide copies of theirs? BANKS! How is it large companies cannot Monopolise the market but we are all forced to use the BANKing system whether we want to or not? I'm so p***ed off!!!
  14. I received a reply from Halifax Customer Relations Today:rolleyes: I'm really not a very happy bunny either:mad: I would seriously appreciate ANY help that will aid me in nailing these ****wits to the wall!
  15. ALBION COLLECTIONS LTD DO NOT DISCUSS ANYTHING IN WRITING!!! Yep, that's what was said. They only arrange repayment plans over the telephone and can only put a stop to harassing phone calls and letters for 10 days! When I quizzed them I also found out that even if I deal with Halifax Customer Relations Manager I can still expect to receive calls and letters from Albion!!! I got really annoyed when I received yet another letter accusing me of ignoring their letters so I called them! Bad I know but I've now found out that I am wasting my time completely with writing letters and sending them back by first class recorded mail. Or can I use this to my advantage? Perhaps now is the time to start informing them that I am going to be issuing them with charges for my time and expenses of writing the letters that they choose to ignore? How can this company just IGNORE the harassing calls letter and expect to get away with it? This needs to be addressed and take the fight to them. Please Help
  16. Thanks for your input:D As of this morning it seems that there may be an alternative route to take which looks as though it may involve kicking Albion in to touch completely;) I shall wait and see what comes to light before getting my hopes up though
  17. Well it seems that Albion continue to send me TEMPLATE letters urging me to telephone them. I have received two further calls, one on the Monday morning and the other Yesterday!!! These guys are IDIOTS!!! My next reply will be written like this... With copies of my last letters enclosed
  18. First the no signature letter and now this one? Sounds like someone is stalling? Is there an attack mode that can be adopted to force their hand or is it just a case of sit and wait???
  19. No CCA provided to date and not even an acknowlegement of the Account in Dispute letter? I wonder if the next letter will be received from another DCA and the same will have to be done?
  20. How much is the bike worth and how much will you be paying for it? What condition is the bike in? 17 years is a very long time and I would be inclined to think that perhaps something may have happened to the original owner? If the bike was stored at a fee and payment was outstanding then it may be a different to if the bike was just being stored out of good will??? Sorry I cannot be of much help but I would certainly be interested to hear the answer to this.
  21. I am currently dealing with a couple of tax returns which I had overlooked:oops: and there are periods where I have been unemployed, not working and NOT receiving benefits. My accountant has asked me to supply proof that I have not been claiming JSA/Benefits for these periods but I am unsure how I would do this:confused: The tax man has estimated a Tax Bill for me which is hugely over exaggerated but I have been told that despite being able to prove differently, IF I do not acquire all of the requested information within 3-4 weeks then I WILL be liable for the amount anyway:eek: :shock: Am I likely to receive any joy by writing to a particular department? If so could somebody please advise where best to direct my correspondence. Thank You in advance:)
  22. Your posts always put a smile on my face and your videos, well what can I say? You are a very humorous person :lol:
  23. Wonderful, It went recorded first class delivery Today:cool: I will post as soon as (IF) I receive a reply:)
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