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  1. And if there is no contract? This incident had occurred on a a customers premisses (Domestic Work) and was directed at my boss who I was working for on a Self Employed basis. Don't get me wrong I do not condone this behaviour but as I mentioned this was a forced reaction and unfortunately for myself the customer happened to be in the room next door Obviously from my point of view I have provided services that remain unpaid for. I believe that there is no reason for me not to be paid this outstanding money as there is no LOSS that has been incurred by the Tradesperson providing the work for the customer. I was not told that I was no longer required (sacked) and was not instructed to return to site either. I appreciate your help. Regards
  2. Firstly Good Evening, I'm hoping that I may be able to obtain some sound advice regarding a little trouble I am having with a tradesperson that I was working for. I work on a Self Employed basis and have had a falling out with the chap that I was working for. After only doing a few months work with this chap I was getting hacked off with the way I was being treated and the way in which I was being spoken to. I had challenged this in the early days and things did improve for a short while. Anyway, 2 weeks into a 3 week job I was asked to pack up my tools and leave site for swearing on the premisses. This was a forced reaction due to recurrence of the above problem. Anyway, I did exactly as I was asked and packed up all of my tools and my coat and left immediately. Since this event we have had further fall outs due to the matter of outstanding money. I have never been asked to go back and complete the job. The amount that I stated I would be invoicing has been challenged because the job had not been completed and it was even said that deductions would be made for the uniform that I was issued and deductions of the amount for a few tools that were given to me as a gift on my Birthday. I obviously expressed that I was not happy with this and said that the clothing supplied was PPE and the tools were a gift but if it was that much of an issue I would return them. I have not been refused my money but I have been told to send the invoice, to which he will not agree on the total and he will deal with it and if/when payment is to be made it will be done so on proper invoicing terms which he has in his mind as 90 days??? The amount that I want to put on my invoice is two thirds of the job total because I completed two weeks out of the three but the problem I see arising is that if I send my invoice and then he refuses to pay due to disputing the amount I may end up losing my money completely??? Also, am I better off invoicing for each week seperately? The reason I ask this is because the amounts if seperated will be low enough to pursue in the small claims court. I'm lost in this area and really don't know what to do, I have bills to pay, children to feed, a course to pay for to try and improve my chances of staying in work and an Army of debt collectors chasing me for money PS As well as this money I am also owed one hundred pounds for a previous job which I was told would be transferred into my bank but never has.
  3. You need this in writing as soon as possible. Wow this company have some power don't they! Interesting to see what threats they can make considering they are not even the owners of the debt eh?
  4. Don't send HFO a penny. Direct all correspondence/SAR to the OC
  5. Everything you receive from HFO/Roxburghe needs to be filed in it's own case. Makes sure it is quite large a one;) Just ignore everything from them until you get a court claim form. Have you found out by SAR to the OC who the debt was sold to and when? This is very important because other HFO threads are indicating that HFO are NOT the company that have actually bought the debt!
  6. Also, I would NEVER send any genuine copies of any letters to anyone. Send copies because if they go walkies then your evidence that you will be submitting in court has gone which leaves you in a very poor situation;)
  7. That is good because you can use that as hard evidence against them. Have you SAR'd the Original Creditor to confirm EXACTLY who the debt was sold to and when? It seems from what I have read that HFO are chasing debts that it seems HFO did not actually purchase. For the sake of 10 pounds it is money very well spent:D I would also be inclined to just file anything sent to you by HFO as EVIDENCE and treat it all as suspicious until proven otherwise.
  8. I obviously wasn't wrong. I'm wondering if perhaps we have an HFO onlooker keeping tabs on this thread:madgrin:
  9. Thank You BA for your quick response. I will be exhausting every option of getting to the bottom of this one. I'm surprised VJ hasn't been along? This iirc is almost a mirror image of what happened with regards to his barclays issue. I appreciate your input as always BA. Many Thanks HF whO?
  10. Look what turned up out of the blue? Never requested this and yet over two years late it turns up in my letterbox. Very interesting indeed and now the question is HFO, can you back this up with hard evidence because I am 100% sure that this is not genuine. I guess time will prove me right or wrong.
  11. That system is FAR TOO EASY! My guess is that this service is being used to make all the HFO victims feel threatened and think that the case IS going to Court but the truth is, they are IN MY OPINION relying on the victim not knowing their rights, not knowing all of their details and more than likely IGNORING the claim or totally missing the date which enables HFO to obtain judgement s that they may well not be entitled to! I tell you, I'm not missing these dates for anything. They can prove that they acquired the debt from HBOS like they said they did because I have proof that they did not! See you in court HFO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Here is my plan, unless anyone can inform me differently? Using the online service I am going to respond to the claim by sending the acknowledgement of service because I disagree with the claim. I will then need to send my defence to the court to arrive no later than 28 days from the date of service. 19th August (date issued) + Day of service (5 days) + 28 days = 16th September by my calculations? Is there anything else that anyone thinks I should do???
  13. lol I must admit, I've been a little under the weather the last couple of days which has introduced a little negativity into my thoughts. I'll have to give myself a good talking to and a kick up the bottom. Thanks for making me smile
  14. I see that you found my post useful??? Back on topic then I guess
  15. I see the logic behind it and I must admit whilst I know I'm in control of the call I'm not in control of when these dipsticks call so I may well decide to opt for this, I'm PAYG anyway so it would be no hardship
  16. I've broken the habit of being afraid to answer my phone when it rings, believe me there is only one person who is control of the conversation when I hear them on the other end;) I usually just acknowledge that I am who they are calling at that I do not deal with my finances over the telephone and to read the letters that I have sent via recorded delivery.
  17. YET another call received! 10:26 on a Sunday morning of August bank holiday weekend - How very very sad!
  18. First find the relevant forum, then once you have clicked on it you will usually find forum announcements and sticky threads associated with that forum... between announcements and the sticky threads you will see POST NEW or something similar.... Click on that and off you go
  19. Congratulations HFO Services! Today I have received a copy of a Consumer Credit Agreement that I had requested back on the 16th June 2010 (signed for by HFO on the 18th). Better late than never;) Question is HFO, since you did not actually purchase this debt from the OC, as you claim, where on earth have you found such sensitive data???
  20. They obviously go by so many different names that they themselves get confused who they actually are lol
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