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  1. Well, just received a letter from the court saying it's been struck out due to not being paid! My husband also had a hearing the week after mine and he got a letter last week. Shocking knowing that so many people must pay these people or go to court when the dca really don't have a leg to stand on. Up yours Hoist! Thank you for all the advice. We made a donation to the site last week in thanks for the invaluable information.
  2. I may somewhat naively have been hoping that the fee wouldnt have been paid yes! Do i get a witness statement from Hoist too? The witness statement that I have found to copy, refers to parts of their witness statement? Sorry, if asking dumb questions - all a bit new to me this!
  3. Yes, i appreciate that. I was asking if its normal to get notification that a case has been struck out? Sorry for the confusion...
  4. Just an update. Cohens/Hoist had until 4pm on 12th October to pay the court fee. Ive just called the court, and they said it doesn't appear to have been paid. The guy was hard work! I asked would i get correspondence to say that this was the case and it would be struck out. He said no, even if its struck out i wont be informed and that I should still turn up at the court? Is this normal, as it means that I have to do the witness statement and send it with all my other paperwork!
  5. thanks for the advice. What needs to go in the witness statement ?? The fact I havent recieved a signed copy of the orginal agreement etc ??? Thanks as always for the help and advice
  6. Was hoping they'd given up but No! received a notice of allocation to small claims track for 9th November. It states claimant has until 12 October to pay the trial fee. Will I find out if they don't? If it goes ahead, what documents are they talking about that I need to send copies off to claimant and court? Is it the witness statement?
  7. I've had an email from the solicitors. says they are willing to accept a payment plan to avoid potential court costs ,and have I looked at the paperwork they sent. Do I just ignore it?
  8. That was short and sweet! Told him the paperwork was incomplete - didn't go into details as advised. Mediation ended! Are they on commission by any chance? His manner changed when he ended the call!
  9. That was my next question thank you! I was wondering how specific I needed to be when he phoned back. Am I not obliged to tell him what info is missing then? Does the mediator have to decide that mediation is ended or can I?
  10. Sorry for poor quality. when i have another call tomorrow, I can say that I havent got a signed agreement as requested or a copy of the default notice? CCA return.pdf
  11. My mediation call was 10am. Really nice guy phoned me, then phoned Cohens. When he phoned back, he said they have sent you all the relevant paperwork over by email in the last 30 mins.... (email must have been on file from a long time ago). They sent the info at 9am - i requested it 27 April. The mediator told me he'd call me back in the morning when I'd had chance to look at the email. They have sent me a blank agreement - nothing on it at all. No name, dates etc. They also sent a copy of assignment from Barclaycard to mkdr and another to Hoist. Do I have a leg to stand on? The agreement was taken out in 1995 apparently if that's of any relevance?
  12. I've got my mediation call tomorrow and worried as to what I say! Do I go on the lines of "how can I agree to pay anything when I don't have the details of what it is? (I've never received any of the paperwork requested from hoist or cohens) Sleepless night tonight for me!
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