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  1. Update - Couldn't BELIEVE I'd received another Equita letter saying I owe them money, but when phoning them up they confirmed the case was closed. Still no confirmation letter from SBC and no reply from Equita yet, tempted to send ANOTHER letter and wait a few weeks.
  2. See I've tried that once or twice too, it just kept repeating the message then eventually cut me off! Luckily I shouldn't have to talk to them anymore, lol
  3. I've tried all 0844 and 0845 numbers I can find for them (even a few landline numbers) and they all take you to an automated message asking for your bailiff PIN, then give you the assigned bailiff's name and number. The only time you get through to an office is when you don't have one assigned
  4. I am truly disgusted by this! This is nothing but mindless thuggery! People like that should be in prison, not terrorising people on their doorstep!
  5. Wouldn't be too surprised if this is illegal bailiff charges. They can charge you for sending one letter and 2 visits MAXIMUM providing no goods are levvied upon and no walk-in possession is made. Course someone who knows the exact figures better than me can comment on that. I would highly recommend speaking directly to the Council. Bailiffs can extend deadlines, they just don't like it. But if you can get a Council Official to demand an extension over the phone it does help a lot. They also accept arrangements of monthly payments but, again, they don't like doing it. Phoenix are
  6. My thread is http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bailiffs-sheriff-officers/256547-equita-experience.html I regularly update it, and unfortunately due to a nasty arguement between Swindon Borough Council and Equita over responsibility of a debt it's been stretched a bit. Most recent update is awaiting reply from Equita, and I've made a formal complaint against Swindon Borough Council. I've dealt with 3 different bailiffs - Bailiff 1 refused conversation and in the end I had to get the Council to convince him to extend the deadline. - Bailiff 2 was quite polite and apolo
  7. And I should just add, as I have not received a breakdown yet I don't know how many visits I've been charged for, but I'm aware of at least one.
  8. I currently have a very dragged-out case with Equita in regards to council tax for 2005/2006 with Swindon Borough Council. Without levying on any goods or gaining entry, they've charged me £228.50 in bailiff charges and I've recently sent a letter off asking for a breakdown of this. I can provide more details if you want, I have a whole thread full! lol
  9. Hi GillyBob, I've dealt with Equita myself in the past. Park your car away from your house, out of plain sight, NEVER park it on your driveway or near your property as they will search the area. DO NOT let the bailiffs in ever, no matter what excuse they use. They cannot gain entry to your house unless it is classed as "peaceful" aka invited in. However, if they find an unlocked door or an open window they can gain access then so KEEP ALL WINDOWS SHUT AND ALL DOORS LOCKED. Equita will try and collect on this debt a few times with letters through the door and eventually knocking
  10. As of today, I've not received any further contact from Equita, including a reply to the Breakdown letter to have the excessive bailiff charges refunded. I'm also waiting for a confirmation letter from SBC in regards to Equita no longer being responsible.
  11. Ok, complaint letters to both SBC and Equita have been sent. Had a call from L***** at SBC today who had now been in contact with the Recovery Department (finally). They have confirmed they've called Equita and told them the debt is no longer their responsibility, so the bailiff visits should stop. However, as I've already been promised this once before several weeks ago, I've asked them to send written confirmation they've called Equita and agreed the debt is now the responsibility of SBC. I've also said I'm calling them back straight away and seeking legal advice if I get another E
  12. No callback ¬_¬ Called SBC back again, spoke to a very confused guy called G**** who admitted to me this was getting ridiculous. Couldn't get through to Recovery Department as they'd all gone home. Despite having an urgent memo sent to them asking to call Equita, and all G****** could do is send ANOTHER memo down to them. This desk I'm banging my head against is starting to collapse now..... I can't believe how much of a merry go around I'm being led on. Add to that, I dread to think how much my phonebill is going to cost The heat is killing me, and I can't even open my
  13. Well here I am, sat by the home phone waiting for this Recovery Manager person to call me and confirm he's spoken to Equita. So far, nothing. What's misleading is, YesterdaysLady said he'd call me today, but she also said "If he hasn't called you in two days call me back". Luckily, I have her direct number..... muahahaha.
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