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  1. I can't remember taking it out, I have now received the docs, emailed them i&e details with an offer of repayment, still await a response! That was over 2 weeks ago I've sent 2 emails and they are not responding!
  2. Im actually a debt collector myself lol and not all of them are like that, we certainly don't just tell any old rubbish.. We also advise on every call made or received calls are recorded! But I know what you mean there are alot of DCA's which deal with debtors in a disgusting manner. I've had a response now from a girl who used too be an ATL at my work and is now a manager there, she's emailed me back confirming the docs will be out in today's post. Told them as long as it's my signature i'll contact too arrange payment!
  3. But can they still do this if they haven't provided me with a copy agreement? I've just sent the below email too them requesting this again as by telephone they are just using bullying tactics and when I ask for a copy agreement they say "we will arrest your wages" "are you saying your not paying this?" I've told them once I receive the copy agreement I will arrange payment but they are useless. Dear Sir/Madam Re:- Account/Reference Number - XXXXXX / XXXXXX I do not acknowledge any debt to your company or its clients.With reference to the above agreement, I require you to s
  4. I had a credit card with Abbey when they were abbey, I fell into default then no one contacted me about this for several months, I checked experian and it was showing on there as "settled" on 26/12/2008 although I had never paid a settlement. Lowell portfolio had incorrectly put a default on my credit file, which was removed.. Since this has been removed, so has my abbey credit card. What does this mean? Can they put it back on? Can I still be chased for this now?
  5. I was contacted by this company 2 months ago, I requested a copy agreement, I've still not received this. I had a msg from them this afternoon when I got home from work, I called them back and advised Im still waiting a copy agreement and once it's received I shall make payment if it's my signature as I cannot remember this. The rude male says too me "I think we wil go for a wages arrestment" I laughed and advised he cannot do this. I ended up hanging up the phone before I got annoyed with him. I will be calling back but before I do can anyone advise if they can do this by law? As im
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