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  1. Just thought I'd update this thread and ask for further advice. We've done some investigations into the drainage and there is no damage to any of the drainage systems and neither does it run under the garage at any point. After more measuring and levelling we've worked out that although it cracked at the right rear corner the actual movement is on the front right corner. This ties in nicely with nextdoor's downpipe which the drainage surveys show don't go into the sewer so likely into a soakaway somewhere. The only thing I can think is that their soakway is near my garage and washing the
  2. I'm reasonably confident, having located all the manholes, that the drainage doesn't run under any of the structures on the plot, all the houses in the row (detached) are in line with each other and the sewage appears to run between the houses and the garages where there is approximately a 8ft gap between corner of house and corner of garage. There is a manhole in this space and after lifting the cover it doesn't turn or head towards the garage, just further along to the next property. That said, I'm no drainage expert but have looked at getting a local company to do a CCTV scan of the dr
  3. It's only a theory and I'm not skilled enough to know whether it is or isn't. Plus, last week I asked to go into their garden to view the other side of the corner which faces into their garden and as they had some excavation and patio work done right at that point last year, I asked what they had done specifically and how far they dug and they very quickly went on the defensive. I don't think they caused the crack in that corner but I was just exploring possible reasons, but their reaction was quite obvious. To prove anything I'd need an expert, and may go down that route later on, but fo
  4. Well that's promising, both of you tend to "agree" with my train of thought. I'll keep a vigilant eye on the house but I don't have any reason to believe the house is under threat at this stage, and I think initial shoring up and ensuring the garage doesn't cause any safety concerns like crumbling into next door's garden, with a view to rebuilding at a later date. I think, and this is an uneducated guess, that next door's guttering and down pipe is partially to blame but will keep an eye on this, just an observatory hunch at the moment. Thanks to everyone that viewed and commented, I feel
  5. Hi there, I've been in a quandary about what to do for some time. My detached single brick skin garage, currently housing what most garages do; crap, is showing signs of movement on the back corner, furthest from the actual house itself. In distance terms, the back corner of the garage is probably some 20ft away from the closest point of the house. Currently, and we've been here 4 years, the house is fine and is showing no signs of anything bad. The garage has always had cracks in it. I'm a panicky type of person and am becoming worried about what to do. I have a structural engineer
  6. Whilst I don't agree with the premise I can understand, which is sad. Sister-in-law is off down EH this morning again armed with the above questions, but I sense this doesn't have an easy resolve. Thanks everyone.
  7. Not an appropriate defense for whom? Environmental Health have already performed an inspection and advised on necessary remedial works which the agent/LL is unwilling to carry out allegedly until this deposit scenario is resolved. As I've said the written and signed TA states nil deposit, because my sister-in-law moved from property 1 to property 2 both with the same agent, but not necessarily with the same LL, I believe a gentlemen's agreement was reached between the agent and my sister-in-law to "port" the deposit from property 1 to property 2. That would explain the "nil" deposit figur
  8. Hello, I'm not sure whether property 1's deposit was protected to be perfectly honest. I've just received some pictures from sister-in-law and to be honest I'm in shock. White fur is growing on the mould on the walls and ceilings in most rooms. They've just moved some wardrobes in one of the bedrooms and they've rotted through due to the moisture and begun growing fur also. There's a part of me that's gagging to start letter-writing to the agent, Landlord, Environmental Health and anyone else I can think of, formally written with photo's and the full story in an attempt to get someth
  9. So any previous properties let leading to unrecoverable deposits are unable to be pursued? Basically, what I "think" has happened is, a gentleman's agreement has taken place between the agent and my sister-in-law (as they're also friends apparently - or were) saying that I'll let you off the deposit on property 2 so long as I can recover the deposit from property 1, which turned out later down the line to be unrecoverable. Now the agent wants reimbursing but perhaps didn't have their business hat on when they signed the agreement on property 2. Also, I agree about the dog issue. Thanks on
  10. Ok that's very helpful, thanks for the terminology - makes sense now. So this is the scenario as I understand it. Sister-in-law rents property 1 and pays a deposit. After a while she leaves property 1 and moves to property 2, with the same letting agent and as such the agent attempts to port the deposit from property 1 to property 2. As such, the AST signed and agreed by both parties for property 2 states "nil" deposit. After a while it turns out, due to damages arising from property 1, the deposit isn't "portable" and as such a figure of £1000 is reached as deposit now due on proper
  11. Hello, My sister-in-law currently rents a property from an agent, which was initially based on a 6 month tenancy. The agreement was in writing, signed by both parties and expired on September 3rd 2014. She has not received any further tenancy agreements nor signed any additional paperwork since this time. The original tenancy agreement, now expired, has it clearly written that "nil" deposit is/was required at the beginning of the tenancy. My sister-in-law has rented previous properties from this agent and I believe it was verbally agreed between the two that the deposit would be "por
  12. Because I bought the wrong car, I feel this is an opportunity to get out of it. I also have lost confidence in the car. That's to be honest quite irrelevant, the fact remains that I've been treated appallingly by a franchised dealer who even under the instruction of the Renault UK network seem to be failing to contact me to resolve it.
  13. Oh.. well I haven't got the car today so I'll do it later when I get home (details are in the glovebox). Any thoughts in general about my position and what stance I should take? They're meant to be contacting me today and I want to state my case for returning the vehicle due to it being in an unsatisfactory condition when sold. Thanks
  14. That's only for the MOT Certificate itself, not the Advisory. I've tried already several times in the last month on separate advice. Cheers.
  15. Hi guys, Got a strange one here. I purchased a car on a 4yr Hire Purchase (I think that's what you call it, same monthly payment with no balloon payment at the end - whereby the car is then my property) last July 18th. The car was a Renault from a main Renault Dealer where I'd been a customer for the past 5 years, this being my 3rd vehicle. It's a used vehicle with a full 12month warranty supplied by the dealer but not warranted by them. On the 10th October the car was returned to the dealer after I complained about noises and an odd feeling from the steering. They noticed no
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