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  1. Thanks for your response's S-I-Law misread the Court part, B-I-Law said it was To The County Court Business Centre, Northampton. Just shows how underhanded the DCA's are. That being the case immediate threat passed. I need to know now what she has to do to take her own action against DCA ie CCA Request or old debt or even on hardship grounds or other alternative ways to act. As yet I have not seen sight of letter she lives approx 45 miles from me and she she telling my wife about it, hence sketchy details so far. I will be able to relay more details as needed soon. DK
  2. my sister-in-law has received a letter from a DCA stating that they are taking the matter to Court (Northampton) They do state a date when this action will take place. The Provident debt is quite old. She did not stop making payments previous DCA they just stopped taking them (via D/Debit) without any explanation , then she made the mistake of phoning old DCA who was taking over. My advice was to ignore any phone calls from them until they had at least sent her a letter. As she had not received any letters from current DCA. my s-i-law in her early 70's as is quite worried. any and all assistance will be heeded Thank you DK
  3. L O all in Merseyside on certain roads / streets they have marking on the kerb which designates that during certain hours (ie Rush Hours) you are not allowed to park, even with correctly displayed Blue Badge. If there are disabled parking bays the bays are also suspended. Reason for action is that road / street is classed as a through route to enable traffic to flow as quickly as possible. regards DK
  4. L O boloney I was talking about Central Europe there are Eastern European Countries within the EU not recognised for Tax payment within the EU. Those countries do have a limit imposed for Alcohol/Tobacco and other items, just like the Canary Isles although the Canary Isles are classed as Spain As in my prior post you have had a decision in your favour, the amount you obtained and where from might be viewed differently in another Courtroom it is still a grey area (as you found out ONCE to your advantage) dk bye for now
  5. L O boloney the difference between your actual £1400 cost and projected £4500 cost is due to higher UK tax and VAT. I assume the Judiciary System would rule that you cannot be reimbursed for monies not spent in the UK. Especially from (for want of a better phrase) public Coffers. Personally I would take money and the moral victory. Your logic for acquiring £1400 worth of tobacco product is sound, saving of £3100 dk bye for now
  6. L O Did you stay and have a cigarette and drink with them or run away in horror cheers and light up smoking is not allowed in Hotel's smoking is not allowed in police station cells, which are not for the public but you can smoke in Parliament :der:Parliament's not public :???: dk bye for now
  7. hello folks :-)good to see that Antone on the site:-) through illness I have not kept up with CAG bar for email updates. On receiving this update I thought I would read this thread as seemed to be relevant. Alas it degraded quite quickly, the more latitude Antone (site team) gave the more it sank. Antone sorry you tried in post #11 and lost The advice given by antone on numerous posting I found to be useful, unbiased and to the point. regards dk
  8. Hello daisyw You will more than likly be told that for the purpose of the meeting/discussion the incorrect dates are neither here nor there. The main reason for the meeting/discussion is medical absence dk
  9. I have not been active of late on the forum, it saddens the heart my Condolences to all family and friends. Dragon Keeper
  10. morning all you will most likely find that the obstruction caused to the:gossip: one or two people who complained it restricts vision and is causing an obstruction is " N I M B Y " ie: :hurt:cannot see out of the window when they move the curtains I had that response when I drove an ex post office high top long wheelbase van when I was insulating the house next doors loft. dk .
  11. not sure wether HP or PL this could explain why CAB stated as they did without seeing paperwork. thank you dk ps taking son away for a few days so his mum can have a break so my next posting will be 6/10
  12. is your query because she has heard thats the case from CAB she did not take any documents with her for them to make such a bold statement i do not know if the finance co. stated that the car cannot be repossessed and can be sold if so wished i have not seen the paper work properly myself I will tell her to check it out first just in case. thank you for your much needed input dk
  13. yes that was part of long story cut short northhampton? Final Charging Order form different area its is very messy which involves failed IVA of which once she has pulled herself back together further query's will be made. thank you martin2006 dk
  14. good evening INFO: Someone that I know Unfortunatley but no exception in todays money market, via finance she bought a vehicle, ran into difficulties and defaulted on the payments. cutting a very long story short the finance company has made a Final Charging Order on the her home. QUERY: she has been told that since the finance company has made a Final Charging Order on the her home for the debt then the vehicle cannot be reposess and the vehicle is leagally hers (even sell it if she so wished). I await Guru's of CAG slendid wisdom thank you dk
  15. good morning all Sefton Council Dealt a death blow to ":grouphug: Parking Buddies " As far as I am aware* before a ticket is issued your are required to enter part of or all of the vehicle Reg plate and is printed on the ticket along with the time. *I am a blue badge holder dk I see somethings remain constant green_and_mean
  16. cerberusalert now that name is a blast from the past, showing your age with that one My local council 'Sefton' still have all rights to are road signs. A neighbour painted the one attached to his house to match the colour he painted his house, promtly told to paint back to orignal colour or they would paint it and send him the bill. dk
  17. That is giving terminally dull Crapita a touch of logic. dk
  18. I would of thought that this 'Chicken' before or after 'Egg' would of died of old age by now. Its that old that the "Gold" tv channel have bought the rights to show it. Buzby nice to see you have not give up yet dk
  19. bandonbhoy click on the triangle and ask the site team to move your post rather than re-posting. (1 post good info 2 posts could get mixed info) dk
  20. Putting ' KEY ' in my own back and winding myself up. Alright now managed to stop winding dk
  21. Just a passing thought If people actually read the threads they would know not to engage the truth bender's in conversation. Just keep to e-mail or snail mail. Then they would not get sucked :frog:in and blown out in bubble's ie: card details. Unfortunally they seem only read the threads as they float by in blown out bubble's. dk
  22. :wavw: Hi It cannot do any harm. Try for being mis-sold policy, as you have stated the property was under going complete restoration and C/T Exempt. dk
  23. Dragons Dennis it looks like the OP used info found from different threads in the forums to state why the Invoice (ticket) would not be paid. Not a standalone thread. dk
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