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  1. fi30

    NB733 v HSBC

    Well Done! It was all worth it in the end! Hope you have an absolutely fabulous xmas - and I'm, sure it will be a very merry new year!!
  2. Cheers mate! In my haste I posted my reply quick smart, just crossed out the confidentiality bit, but I'll try the phonecall anyway. I'll have to pop to the branch to get a statement printout as online it'll only let me view a few weeks transactions. Thankyou!!!!
  3. fi30

    NB733 v HSBC

    Hey NB733!!! check out my thread! I got a full offer! Keep going, I'm sure yours won't be far off! I'm supposed to be studying today - dissertation to write, but methinks I'll find it hard to concentrate - maybe I'll do some xmas shopping instead?!! I'm still going to try for the newer charges, then close the account (as I have a nice student one with Natwest who dont charge me for going over...that is till I graduate, then they'll prob whack on the charges!) Good luck, keep me posted as I'll still be around! F
  4. YIPPEEEEEE!!!! Full settlement offered!!!!! £4097.97 (charges plus interest plus court fee) Just got a letter from DG offering the full amount!!! ~WOW~ I thought, probably like everyone else, that I'd be the one test case that had to go to court - just goes to show - persevere!!! I will accept and delete the confidentiality bit. Thankyou all so much for the guidance, even though I've been feeling a bit lonely this past few days, you were all there when it mattered! I do have one question though..does anyone have any suggestions as to what I do about charges since I filed the mcol? do I start it all over again?
  5. fi30

    NB733 v HSBC

    My questions have now been answered! I wasn't sure on the judgement day, but now I know what I'm doing. Lateralus was very sweet and wrote me a full and detailed reply - bless! I'm waiting on the postman for an offer. If nothing, judgment day is Wednesday. HSBC is also stressing me as I am over my od limit, and as I'm a mature student with a child I'm not in a position to pay it off yet! (until they give me my money back!) Can I just ask you, above you say you asked for further charges to be settled, I assume that's charges incurred since you filed mcol? - didn't know we could do that, think I'll get adding up again!
  6. Thankyou Lateralus! I was starting to think my pc wasn't working! I really appreciate that! Juat waiting for postey now....!
  7. fi30

    NB733 v HSBC

    Hi NB733 Well done! - at least you're getting somewhere. I still haven't had a response from DG since sending my breakdown. I also tried doing the judgement on line and it seems it's 28 days since the acknowledgment, not receipt, that they have - so I have to wait until 22nd anway!! I am now avidly following your thread as nobody seems to want to answer my questions! Good luck!
  8. Hello!! Anybody there?!! Plese can someone help with the above questions, I don't know what to do!! Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks
  9. fi30

    NB733 v HSBC

    Ocourse! I've been on this mission for months I'm not giving up at the last stage! I'm claiming just under £4K and I've got bills seriously piling up that need sorting soon! Many others seem to have been offered the full amount after sending the breakdown to DG....so here's hoping! I guess its back to waiting for postey each morning!
  10. fi30

    NB733 v HSBC

    Hiya Looks like you're at the same stage as me. I just posted my breakdown this morning- recorded delivery. I'm not sure what to do next, as their 28 days is up. I think I need to do a judgment now, but am waiting for advice! I don't think it's a willingness to pay up, just one of their stalling tactics. Keep going and keep us posted as to what happens!
  11. Should I click on "judgment" on the MCOL website? The confirmation from court said HSBC intended to defend, but that was it, how do I know if they have filed a defence?...All these questions, I hope someone can help as I'm starting to stress!
  12. My 28 days is up today - and guess what, I got a letter from DG solicitors asking for a breakdown of charges! I'll send it recorder delivery today, but in the meantime, does anyone know if I need to do anything with my claim?
  13. Hi All I've been out of action for the past few months (physically and financially!) But I'm back now, fighting fit, ready to continue my claim! I finally submitted my online claim, and today received the acknowledgment of service being filed from HSBC. Ofcourse they've ticked the box "intend to defend" so we'll just have to wait and see what happens in the next 28 days! I added on the charges I'd received since I first did my calculations, and with the interest it's now just over £4K. I'm just hoping they settle before going to court! I also hope it's not been too long since my last contact with the bank!
  14. Hi!! I've been having trouble finding the cash to put the claim through, but now I'm onto it. In moneyclaim, where it says particulars of claim, how should I word it? Also, how do I calculate the interest? And, I've had charges again since I made the original calculations. I'm sure this info is on this site somewhere, so can someone point me in the right direction please!
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