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  1. Hi dx100uk, Thanks a lot for that reference post. I found a few of the answers that I had been looking for so far..and I intend to go through the remainder of the post this evening. Will be back, in the event of any further questions, as well as to provide any updates. Thanks again, much appreciated. Best Regards, UKP
  2. Hi dx100uk, Please bear with me, as I am totally unfamiliar with the appropriate protocol and terminologies. Thanks. As an answer to question 3, I will ask for the eviction to be stopped. I am still unsure, regarding how to answer questions 5,6, 7 and 8. All help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for all responses. Best Regards, UKP
  3. Hi dx100uk, Thank you for providing the correct upload instructions, much appreciated. Hi Ell-enn, Thank you for confirming the next appropriate step, along with providing the link to the applicable form. I am in the process of filling the form out at the moment. Regarding question 3...''what order are you asking the court to make and why?'' naturally, I would prefer a stop of the repossession order altogether...but is the protocol to request a suspension first, prior to a request for stop of the order? I also am unsure how to answer questions 5,6, 7 and 8. Thanks in advance for all responses. Best Regards, UKP
  4. Hi Ell-enn, I received two notices. One was from Halifax, stating ''we're taking possession of this property'', which was dated on 19th September 2019. I also received another notice, from the county court, dated 17th October 2019, which contained a claim number and a warrant number, along with a time and date of the intended eviction. I attempted to attach images of the notices that I am referring to for your reference, a total of three, but each file exceeds the 4.88 mb limit It appears as though some proceedings took place but I was never made aware beforehand, of the date and time of those proceedings, in order to attend them. If there is another way in which to receive the images for better reference, feel free to let me know, in an effort to aid clarification. Thanks in advance for your collective response. Much appreciated. Best Regards, UKP
  5. Hello everyone, I apologize profusely for my delayed response,. All of your collective insight has been extremely helpful...so I would not want any of you to think that I was ungrateful in any way, due to that delay. Andyorch - thank you for the guides, the material contained a number of tips, much appreciated. Ell-enn - At present, by way of some additional work on the side, I am aiming to place myself in a position to add, perhaps, £200 on top of the monthly payment. As the possibility of that extra amount can only be confirmed at the end of the month, my worry is that, due to the claim of possession date being 9th December, that may be cutting things too close (?) Thanks in advance, as always, for your responses and collective insight. Best Regards, UKP
  6. Hi honeybee13, There is a duration of 10 years left on the loan. The regular payments are approx £880 per month. Thanks in advance for all responses. Best Regards, UKP
  7. Hi Andy, Thanks for your response. Firstly, I apologize for posting the topic in an inappropriate forum area. I will ensure to pay closer attention to that from hereon. The property has a mortgage with Halifax, with a total arrears amount of £4000. No proceedings have taken place yet; the notice that I have received is a claim for possession. I have spoken with the eviction team at Halifax, who asked for a financial review to be conducted over the phone. I read comments on a post equivalent to mine in this forum, where a user had advised against doing so over the phone, so I have not done so. My aim is provide instalments in an effort to at least reduce the balance, prior to incurring ant costs for the issue to be addressed in court. Thank you in advance for all responses, Best Regards, UKP
  8. Hello, I have received a notice of eviction, with an eviction date of 9th December. Is there any way for me to suspend the warrant and/or postpone the eviction date within this timeframe? Thank you in advance for your responses. UKP
  9. No problem, man; I, personally, do not consider it annoying at all...as I know what that feeling of uncertainty is like in an instance like this. In all honesty, regarding the categorization of offences etc, I am out of my depth there so, hopefully, the experts here will address those questions for you. I know that you feel you deserve whatever consequences come your way...that you are not working only in your best interests etc which is noble of you. Therefore, based on what you have said, you have two options: 1) Simply plead guilty when served with a summons and subject yourself to any penalties they impose or 2) give them a call and take responsibility for your actions in the form of a settlement request. Naturally both options are, essentially, just as noble as you are admitting guilt however the latter option (provided they accept it) will ensure that you are penalized considerably less than anything imposed by the court. Basically, gather your thoughts...remain as composed as you can...and give them a call during business hours tommorrow. In doing so, you will, at least, have an idea of where you stand...which means you can continue a plan for action, if need be. Until you receive further advice, I would give that a shot in the meantime. Good luck.
  10. Hi there. Firstly, I feel your pain, as I had recently encountered a similar situation myself however, thanks to the commendable expertise from the users on this site, I was able to find a resolve...which I hope you will find as well. With that said, in a mere effort to respond to you while you wait for responses from the experienced users here( I can relate to the sleepless nights, believe me), I would suggest that you either call TFL and/or draft a letter, letting them know that you accept responsibility for what happened and that you express deep remorse for it; basically GROVEL. The reason that you would need to take such a submissive stance is because it would be almost impossible for you to prove that you were unaware that you were using a pass that belonged to your brother. In addition, request an out-of-court settlement, letting them know that you are willing to pay the fare required plus any administrative costs. The details of your circumstances differ considerably to my previous situation however, if I were you, I would still give that a shot. If they happen to refuse your offer, then it would be in your best interests to look into legal representation for yourself, as a measure to avoid a criminal conviction. Like I said, as an effort to share some info, consider that as a suggestion however, in due time, you may get some responses from the experts on this site...of whom I would sincerely advise you to adhere to their concise instructions/suggestions as it would be beneficial for you to do so. Good luck.
  11. In addition to the great advice given here so far, I would also suggest that, in accordance with requesting an adjournment contributed by Consumer dude, you MAY want to look into some legal representation for yourself as well in the meantime, particularly if they have already refused your out-of-court settlement requests. It may be a bit out of pocket for you...but their expertise in court will be well worth it to ensure that you do not end up with a criminal record. As a student, you might qualify for some legal aid so, once you get a chance, check with your local Citizens Advice Bureau regarding your eligibility for that. Good luck; I hope you get everything resolved.
  12. Good points, Old-CodJA. In all honesty though, the previous penalty fare was the one factor that I was worried about most of all. Granted, I agree with you in stating that a previous penalty fare cannot not be considered as a conviction...however the whole feeling of uncertainty, regarding the possibility of an unsympathetic Court etc, was what I found most unsettling ( Admittedly, I would have felt considerably more confident in taking the matter up in Court with legal representation, even though I knew that there were mitigating circumstances involved. Nonetheless, I ended up paying a settlement fee of £102.00...instead of a £750.00 fee quote that I had received from a solicitor...which resulted in having the case withdrawn (which would have been the aim of hiring a solicitor anyway) for a lot less money and the same peace of mind...so not so bad overall, I guess.
  13. Good morning all. Well, it appears as though I have obtained a resolve to this issue. I have just spoken with the TFL Investigator who has agreed to settle out of court. Granted, I feel that there were mitigating cirumstances that may have been in my favour regarding this whole incident...however, after receiving the letter from them on Saturday morning where they seemed to be quite adamant in their stance...along with the fact that I had paid a £25 penalty fare before...I would much rather concede and grab this opportunity to settle rather than cross my fingers for luck to be on my side in court. The possibility of them ruling against me (resulting in a lifetime criminal conviction) was too much of a 'dice roll!' Nonetheless, the prompt advice and suggestions that I have received here has truly been priceless; definitely worthy of my word-of-mouth personal endorsement as well as a donation. Aside from this particular subject matter, this site contains a wealth of information that I will surely continue to refer to. Once more, I sincerely thank you all again.
  14. By the way, thanks for your input as well, SRPO.
  15. Thanks RPI Educator and Old-CodJA for your respective input. So, based on the info contained in my last post, is there any chance for me at all? I mean, taking into consideration the letter that I just received from TFL this morning, should I still pursue an out of court settlement with them on Monday morning? Or simply just go and throw myself at the mercy of the court on Tuesday? This situation just feels so crappy, as it was a genuine mistake. Technically, the amount on my card was sufficient fare but I left my photocard at home by mistake. In the unlikely event (hopefully this will not be the case) that I am not able to arrange a settlement with TFL on Monday, is there the possibility of the court penalizing me with a fine without a conviction instead? I mean, a conviction for a honest mistake just seems plain wrong. Thanks again for your input.
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