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  1. Also, is there any way I could get the bank to stop this? I'm pretty sure this is going to send me overdrawn and make me unable to meet direct debit payments next week. I wasn't even going to pay for the hotel by Debit Card, but with cash
  2. So even though I never authorised any more than the £50 deposit, they can keep my bank details, access my account and take £500? I didn't know holiday letting agencies had that kind of power
  3. Hi I paid a £50 deposit for 4 nights in an Amsterdam apartment this weekend and the volcanic ash meant I could not get there The agency have basically said 'tough' and gone in to my account and taken £500 Surely they can't do this? I mean, keep the deposit by all means, but helping themselves to an unauthorised £500? I don't have insurance or anything, but found this site via Google. Please help
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