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  1. Hello Cerberus, Thanks for your response. It says the following on that page: "if a creditor has been in regular contact with a debtor before the debt is statute barred, then we do not consider it unfair to continue to attempt to recover the debt." So basically, if the Student Loans have been attempting to get back the money I owe them via letters etc, then do they not have a right to get the money back? They constantly sent letters to my parent's house years back but saying as it's well past 6 years now and I have never paid them a penny I don't see how they can ask for
  2. Hello All, Link Financial Outsourcing sent me a letter a few weeks ago telling me that I owe them around £8k from a student loan I took out in the following years - 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997 I did a little research on this forum and found that pre-1998 student loans are not enforcible and are statute barred debt after a period of 6 years. I have never repaid this debt, not even once and can't remember even writing to them to defer it either. I suppose I have been lucky in that I have lived abroad for quite a few of those years so I guess they have been unable to trace me until now when
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