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  1. Thank you dx, much appreciated. Im sorry to hear your wife is ill , I can sympathise with your long hauls to and from hospital, I know that only too well and send you both my very best wishes x
  2. When you say the case remains stayed... .is that something that automatically happens when no further action has been taken over a specified amount of time or is it something you must request, just worried because I haven't .
  3. Thanks ...I have sent the rest of the paperwork, including the old statement showing a zero balance.
  4. Im not having much luck trying to do this pdf file to attach.. .Ive spent so long now and not getting anywhere I am ready to chuck this computer out of the window!. ..sorry my computer skills are pretty basic as you can guess. ...will have to wait til the grandchildren call over In the meantime ...Please can you tell me if there is anything I should do, can decisions be made without me knowing or would the court get in touch first?
  5. Im sorry trying to scan to send but im afraid I don't have much knowledge on how to do these things.
  6. On the POC form they use the second agreement number, the one they invented.
  7. the CCA they sent has No agreement number printed on it....it is added at the top in handwriting. And the agreement number is the first one (as explained in post 15) Then the old statements they have provided begin with the first agreement number and the card is called Create... .then the remaining ones up to 2007 have the second agreement number I mentioned and is called your mastercard platinum??? It would seem that when we wrote to LLoyds saying we were in difficulty and asking them if they would consider writing the debt off , we genuinely thought they had as they se
  8. Been looking back...no it isn't that one DX. I cant see anything relating to this one....may have confused me with the 2 different account numbers this one has.
  9. Thanks DX This is an old credit card with Lloyds...been through endless DCs over the years. Now I don't claim to know a lot about this stuff but I don't know how its gone on for so long....there are so many things wrong Its been in dispute since 2010. It defaulted in 2006 and we made token payments between then and 2010. The account number of the credit card we took out was xxxx xxxx xxxx 1673 and yet the account number they are claiming is xxxx xxxx xxxx 5302 The pile of copy statements they sent out...the account suddenly changes account number in 2006 ????
  10. Received a County court Claim back in April 2014. Filed a defence with the help of this group. Heard nothing in meantime.... About 16 months later have now received a letter asking me to agree to a consent order and if I don't they will apply to the court for summary judgement. Having been seriously ill this letter was sent to me a month ago and only now I am opening it..... I am in a right panic today and don't know what to do, all help will be greatly appreciated.
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