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  1. Yes, it would appear that BT are hell-bent on making money for nothing these days! Has anyone experienced their "usage monitor" shenanigans? Ambiguous wording, silly conversations with an online call-centres, overblown charges... all in a normal day's work for BT! I must admit I didn't know about the caller display ripoff - this is highly necessary nowadays. Does it still apply if you don't answer?
  2. Actually NO, this is ambiguous - you do not have to go AS FAR as 5GB for them to charge! They don't tell you it is actually anything UP TO 5GB! Furthermore, I received this astounding response in answer to my query re a difference in the figures I personally recorded on their usage monitor and what they claimed: I quote... I was trying to clarify that I was not able to explain the difference in the usage readings.
  3. Beware BT and misleading statements! This... We'll charge you £5.60 for an extra 5GB.... actually means this... UP TO 5GB, not a total of 5GB! They will then give you some gobbledegook about offering you a "better" package deal on your Broadband just to get you to "upgrade". This is a RIP-OFF!
  4. Hi folks - I today received a letter from Apex saying they have "referred this account to Cabot Financial for them to provide a copy of your agreement, terms and conditions and statement of account, to enable us to deal with your queries efficiently". Queries indeed! They go on: "We have placed the above account on hold and you will not receive any further contact from us until we have the received these [sic] documents from Cabot Financial". Obviously they are going to continue harrassing my wife - or perhaps this is their way of apologising and writing the matter off? Surely the Statute Barred status still applies, no matter what they call themselves or who attempts to pursue this old debt?
  5. Thank you everyone who assisted - I will keep you posted! Many thanks to the kind person who suggested the letter to send to them - I am working on this as I write! Miffed (but happier now)
  6. I wonder if you could help? My wife received a letter informing her that a debt for a capital credit card requires paying - she informs me that it is quite some time since she hard this card, and had actually forgotten that she had it! They are demanding some £300 odd, but give no real details. Indeed, the letter came addressed to her using her maiden name, and also they said the assumed she lived here by checking databases and suchlike. The letter came from Apex Credit Management Ltd. and states they are acting as a collection agent on behalf of Cabot Financial (Europe) Ltd. Can you help?
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